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Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Artisan Crafted Spanish Sandals by KinaMania

KinaMania sandals are artisan-made footwear for urban adventurers that tell craft stories. They are designed based on the traditional Spanish peasant sandals, abarcas. KinaMania has developed the comfortable and stylish shoes for men, women, and children, and the company is ready to share them with the world. To make the sandal collection available in stores and online, an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has been launched with a goal of $15,000 USD. The project has less than a month remaining and will close on July 8, 2014.

KinaMania’s founder, Kristina Zouein, has a passion for crafts and a concern for their disappearance. The company strives to bring lost handicrafts to fashionable and globally conscious people. The authentic sandals are handmade by skilled artisans in Spain, who are devoted to excellence of their craft. The specific artisans responsible for fabricatingthe footwear are specialistsin producing traditional Menorcanabarca sandals. With the belief that cultural heritage can be transmitted through crafts, the new sandal company is attempting to pass on the wealth of knowledge in artisan crafts for the next generation through fashion and footwear.

Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Artisan Crafted Spanish Sandals by KinaMania

The attractive and simple KinaMania sandals are made with recycled rubber soles and leather uppers. Due to their goatskin leather lining, the flats can be comfortably worn daily. Incorporated in the design is a heal strap, which makes the shoes easy to slip on and off.

So far, there are five KinaMania sandal styles developed: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, and cinco. The dos style most closely represents the traditional Spanish abarcas, while the other four styles are trendy variations. Dos sandals will come in twokinds, Classic and Voyage. Classic sandals are made with quality cowhide leather, and Voyage sandals are made with hand worked fabrics from different parts of the world, in collaboration with other artists and movements. The Voyage collections are the heart of the brand.Voyage to Spain utilizes fabrics from the renowned Spanish tailor of bullfighters, Daniel Roqueta. Voyage to the Orient/Embroidery is an effort to preserve Palestinian embroidery through collaboration with Inaash, the Association for the Preservation of Palestinian Embroidery. Voyage to the Orient/Crochet is a partnership with L’Artisan Du Liban with the intent of featuring and preserving Lebanon’s cultural heritage.

Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Artisan Crafted Spanish Sandals by KinaMania

With the funds raised, KinaMania plans to open online sales at www.kinasandals.comand to distribute their product to stores. Packaging and displays will be created to help with the selling of the sandals. A showroom and office will be established. The sandal maker also plans to rent trade show space during September’s fashion week, in order to share the product with the fashion world. The ultimate goal is to have stores inventory the footwear in spring and summer of 2015.

Supporters can join KinaMania, a brand rooted in craftsmanship and cultural heritage, in bringing back and sustaining artisan craft skills.By pledging $105 USD, the backer is given a pair of classic Dos Style sandals, and by pledging $160 USD, the backer can receive a pair of classic Uno, Tres, or Cuatro style sandals. Those who support the campaign with a pledge of $260 USD will be among the first to own a pair of special Dos Voyage to Spain sandals. To help KinaMania sandals become available, visit


KinaMania is rooted in craftsmanship and cultural heritage. The sandal line was founded in 2013 by Kristina Zouein. Having nearly 10 years of experience in the fashion industry,Zouein has spent numerous hours in fashion workshops and among designers and artisans performing their crafts. Previously, the creator designed and managed the production of Lebanese-American bags and belts by designer Johnny Farah. In 2006, Zouein launched a brand of belts, Kinza Designs. To view more about her new artisan sandals, visit