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How to Use a Shaving Brush

Many men are pleasantly surprised to discover that using a traditional shaving brush is not only immediately rewarding (offering a closer, cleaner shave) but also highly relaxing. Instead of just using your hands to lather up shaving gel, a shaving brush offers you an opportunity to apply an even layer of protection, which also stimulates facial hair. When you are able to Master the Art of the Shaving Brush, only then can you truly Master the Art of Shaving!

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This is because how you use a shaving brush not only determines the application of the shaving gel or product, but also the thickness and consistency, how much water is present during the shave, and the preparedness of the facial hair. It really is that serious, as without the correct brush, all that happens is you apply the wrong product incorrectly. Using circular motions, the shaving brush positions the hairs ready for removal, with the least irritation possible.

Male Standard devised some quick tips to help you get the most from this necessary shaving device, to help give you the best shaving experience yet!

Step 1: Soak your Face

The first step when using a shaving brush is to use warm water to soften your skin. This will help give you a neat clean shave, and reduce the risk of irritation. Use a washcloth to soak in warm to hot water, and place around the face for at least three minutes, or until the cloth is cool to the touch. This is important, as without preparing the skin; the shaving brush will not be as effective.

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Warm water is always recommended before and during, as it opens up your pores and allows you hair to become softer. This is what gives it a close shave!

Step 2: Soak the Brush

When using a shaving brush, you want to ensure the bristles are soaked thoroughly before shaving. Once the brush is immersed in warm water, then you can remove any excess water by tapping the shaving brush, or using a towel. This will help you gather the correct amount of shaving gel without diluting or solidifying the product. Without this stage, you may find that the shaving gel becomes clumpy, or is not easily

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You don’t want the brush to be dripping wet, but you do want it to absorb the product and be able to glide smoothly over the skin.

Step 3: Use Circles

Whether applying the shaving gel to your face, or using the shaving brush to pick up product, always use circular motions to even the consistency and ensure correct application. When you use circles, you automatically reduce the need to use more product than is necessary, and help to stimulate the hair follicles. As longer or thicker hair can be stubborn, you can apply medium to moderate pressure to achieve a good thick lather.

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Always use your judgment, and tools to see what works best for you. The difference in hair shape, texture, length, and thickness all play a part.

Some Shaving Brushes That Are Male Standard Approved:

1. Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush

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This is a 100% authentic badgers hair bristle shaving brush, the hair type recommended most by professional grooming experts! At $15, this is fantastic value for money. Whether need an upgrade on a shaving brush, or a different way to shave, this is a great introduction. The wooden handle is smooth and sized right for a man’s hand and is glossed to prevent it from decaying quickly in warm wet bathrooms.

2. Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Set

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If you’re looking for a great, all-round starter shaving kit, this is a perfect place to look. Containing one 100% badger bristle brush, monogrammed cup, and hypoallergenic shave soap, this superb value bundle is top on quality. We also like that this is a more modern set, and contains a shaving brush hanger, as you want to store your shaving brush correctly (as shown) between shaving. This will help prevent bristles from warping.

3. The Body Shop Shaving Brush for Men

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This synthetic shaving brush is an excellent choice for eco-friendly men, or those who are looking for a top notch shave without animal intervention. While this isn’t an acclaimed badger’s hair brush, you would be hard pushed to tell the difference! The style and shape are that of the classic shaving brush, but being synthetic means it’s more durable (and much cheaper). This is a great all-rounder and ideal for sensitive skin.

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While the brush and product quality will help, don’t be put off if one man chooses another to your own. Shaving is personal, and it should be pleasurable. Choose the brush that works for you and your needs. Play around with the different techniques, and find out how you feel after. That is the true measure of shaving success. You will know you have gotten it right when you feel like the best man in the room, good luck!

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