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How To Trim a Beard

Oftentimes, a man’s beard is the most personal and distinguishing of his facial features, so learning how to trim a beard is a must. You don’t want to end up with the nickname “Patches,” or looking like a hobo do you? Keeping your beard in check is easy with a few simple steps. If you want to grow the longest and bushiest beard possible, you’ll still want to use these tips to help promote growth and structure. Even the wildest beards are grown into shape with the love of tendering a delicate rose garden. By encouraging a style with regular trimming, you’ll prevent split ends, and the appearance of a thinner beard, which is common in straggly or shorter beards. Trust us when we say these steps are the fastest way to grow your thick, luscious beard and still look svelte and dapper.

Below, Male Standard created a few simple steps you can take to achieve the perfect beard.

Option 1: The Barber

The first option is not for everyone, but you can go to a barber to get your beard trimmed. It shouldn’t cost more than $20, and having a pro take care of the work can be a relaxing way to spend an hour. However, if your hair grows fast, most men find it easier their wallet to stick to at-home beard care. This is especially true during the initial growing phase, where trimming may be more frequent in the first few days or weeks. As facial hair grows, it can itch. Waiting for an appointment to clean up any stragglers is not on most people’s to do list. We recommend visiting a barber when your beyond the itch, or if you need help learning how to trim a beard. This first hand insight will allow you to keep the look at home.

Option 2: Trimming a Short Beard

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When it comes to trimming a short beard, a few upgrades to your grooming routine will take you from clean shaven to a handsome five o’clock shadow. The trick to these beard styles is to keep the neck line, upper cheeks, and sideburns super neat and clean shaven. This will create a neat outline for your facial hair, and also give the illusion of a thicker beard. To keep your beard at the same length, invest in a beard trimmer with a guard to create your desired length. To prevent itching and to give a dapper sheen, apply a few dabs of beard oil to your beard and freshly shaven skin. This will nourish and protect both your skin and facial hair, reduce split ends and promote growth in a matter of moments. Plus, most beard oils smell amazing, and will replace your skin-drying cologne.

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Option 3: Trimming a Long Beard

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Trimming a longer beard can extra time, but at fewer frequent intervals than shorter beards do. The pay off is you don’t have to fuss with your beard every other day to still rock an awesome plumage. You can leave these go for up to a week. Unless you have super short hair growth, we don’t recommend leaving your beard for more than 2 weeks without an inspection. Start by washing and conditioning your beard in the shower. You can also tidy up your neckline and sideburns in the shower too. Then, using a beard comb, begin to work through any tangles or kinks. Leave your beard to air dry until damp. Once damp, you can manipulate your beard into shape using a beard trimmer, or scissors where needed. You may find only one side may need trimming if it grows faster.

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Beard Trimming Tips

No matter the length of your beard, there are some tips you should always follow.

  • Never trim your beard when your hair is soaking wet. Your hair appears longer, and you you may trim off more than you mean to.
  • To keep your beard even, begin to trim the hair nearest to the ear on one side and trim down, stopping often to look in the mirror and make sure you like the shape of your beard.
  • After you have completed the first side, start near the ear on the second side and trim down, checking for evenness.
  • After you have finished, trim any stray hairs. Don’t pluck stray hairs.
  • When you buy beard trimmers, make sure they have an adjustable trim guide.
  • Make sure your neck hair is in good shape too. Trim around your neck after you have trimmed the hair on your face.
  • Don’t forget to tidy up the areas outside of your beard – these are what create clean lines and a dapper look.
  • Always finish with a protective treatment such as a beard oil or beard conditioner.

Now that you know how to trim a beard, we hope you’ll take the next step to growing one out!