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How To Treat Oily Skin For Men

Do you have oily skin?  Are you fed up with the endless break outs?  Never fear!  I am here once again to help you.

Here are some tips for dealing with oily skin:

1. Use mild facial cleanser at least once per day

In order to open up your pores and hair follicles, as well as remove dirt and oil, make sure you use warm water.  Also make sure you pat your skin dry with a towel rather than rubbing.  After cleansing, apply a toner or oil-free moisturizer.  Do NOT use any oil-based moisturizers as they will only irritate your skin further.

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2. Exfoliate your skin three times a week

When you exfoliate, you remove dead skin cells and excess oil by using a specialized cleanser.  You should apply this cleanser to a loofah or washcloth and wash off with cool water.

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3. Review your diet

While it is not the key player, diet can affect your appearance.  A diet high in fat, greasy foods will increase breakouts.  Eating a high amount of fiber and drinking a lot of water will aid in clearing up your skin.

4. Avoid spending long periods of time outside

If you do have to go outside, always wear sunscreen!  There are no exceptions to this.  If you are going outside for more than an hour, you absolutely must wear sunscreen.

If your skin is extremely oily and you have tried all of these remedies, you may want to see a doctor.  If you have an extreme case of acne or oily skin, you may need to be given prescription-strength medicine from the pharmacy rather than trying one of the simpler remedies listed here.