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How To Style Thinning Hair For Men

One day we all look in the mirror and think to ourselves “what the hell happened.”  A fact of life we all must face at a certain point is that we cannot turn back the hands of time.

One especially unfair aspect of aging is hair loss. I hate to be the one to tell you this but eventually your hair will migrate from the top of your head down to your eyebrows, ears and nose. It’s not going to be pretty fella’s. Of course there are those select few lucky individuals who will keep a full head of hair for the entirety of their life span, but for the rest of us there are a few tricks you can use to disguise those thinning locks.

Lets start with the cut. A lot of guys think the only way to disguise hair loss is to grow out the few strands you have and coat them with product.  This is how comb-overs happen. For the love of God please do not do this. Instead, opt for one of these.

Buzz Cut

This is the most obvious option.  It quickly disguises any balding spots and because there are several clipper lengths you can gradually go shorter each time. If you’re not ready for extremely short hair, start with a 3 or 3 ½ then you can eventually work your way down. 000 is the shortest length you can go without totally shaving it off.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is great if you’re not ready for a buzz. This cut still takes the hair short on the sides but allows you to keep some length up top. You can vary the length on the top depending on how thin your hair is. If it’s thinner, go shorter. If it’s not crazy thin you can leave it fairly long on top, just make sure your barber adds some texture.

Textured Layers

If your hair is just starting to thin, then go for some shaggy, textured layers. Have your barber use scissors instead of clippers. Make sure they add a lot of textured, uneven layers on top. This will add a little volume and blend together the thinner spots with the thicker ones.

How to Style

A lot of guys think the more hair product you use the better when it comes to hiding a balding head. Not true. An excess of product on thinning hair causes separation making your locks clump together and look thinner.

The best thing you can do for thinning hair is add volume. To do this, add a little sea salt spray and blow-dry. I know the blow dryer is a foreign device to a lot of men but believe me, it is the key to making your hair look less transparent. If the drier is something that goes completely against every fiber of your being, go for one of the shorter cuts above.

Okay, now that your mane is dried its time for product. Stay away from styling gels, they grab too much hair and make your scalp more apparent. Instead opt for a matte-finish texturizing cream, lotion or powder. On my client’s, I like to use American Crew Boost Powder. This product is weightless, adds grit and texture and will not cause any separation to your strands. Apply your product of choice evenly on dry hair and voila! A deceptively full looking head of hair is yours.

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