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How to Shave Without Getting Razor Bumps

Is there anything more frustrating than angry red bumps that appear after shaving? These tiny dots of irritation can flare up immediately, or appear miraculously days after the event; either way, bumps indicate there are problems somewhere in the shaving process, so Male Standard devised a few straightforward changes of technique that will help you get a closer shave without risking it all.

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If you have been asking about how to shave without getting razor bumps, then here you go!

What you need to know is that red bumps are caused by inflammation, which is a side effect of infection. When shaving, you are likely to remove the top layer of skin and leave the area sensitive, with open pores. The obvious way to remedy this situation would be to stop shaving, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, let’s take a look at the top ways to keep the area clean and under control after, to eliminate shaver’s rash.

Tip 1: Shave Closer

One of the biggest problems with razor bumps is that many men tend to use a dull razor, or do not shave close enough to the skin (especially around the neck area). This means that instead of removing hair, you are going to remove only skin, and the hair that remains may be in-tact or partially removed, can also become ingrown. What you need to do when shaving with a sharp razor, is massage the skin so that the razor can strike at all angles smoothly.

You need to focus on the hair, and making this removal process occur in as few as strokes as possible. This will give you the foundations for the following top tips. Always swap disposable razors as soon as you feel the razor lagging, and be sure to keep any razor clean and well rested between shavings. If it has rust, signs of damage, is trapping hair inside, or otherwise does not look like you just bought it, go out and buy another one; your skin will thank you!

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Any quality razor will do, so long as it’s sharp, clean, and good at removing hair!


Tip 2: Invest In Quality After Care Products

When it comes to ridding razor burn, a solid routine is what will give you the most results. The closeness and efficiency of your shave helps, but it won’t be much use without some products that can provide moisture and anti-bacterial properties. If you are the kind of guy who uses after-shave, feels the burn, and then wonders why you end up with an angry red rash, then it’s time to listen to your skin.

While aftershave should protect your skin, using one that contains harsh abrasive chemicals is the fastest way to razor burn. Look instead for products containing no alcohol, and that soothes and cleanses the area after shaving, to prevent irritation and inflammation. To go one step further, facial oils are the best way to retain moisture, and can be used as an aftershave, or as the pre-treatment to your desired product. These replace lost moisture and soothe the skin.

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Step 3: Look After Your Skin between Shaving

If you are prone to red rashes appearing after shaving, then consider how you look after your skin when you leave the bathroom. Again, products will give you an even better chance of not having to face this major frustration, but not looking after your skin (especially immediately after shaving) will mean that you might be increasing the risks unnecessarily. Even using a towel to wipe off excess product can contaminate the area.

If tempted to use a towel, make sure it is clean, and not one that you just used when getting out of the shower. While you might think it’s clean as that was the whole purpose of taking a shower, dead skin gets trapped in the fibers and transfers dirt and grime onto your face. This cross-contamination is at the highest risk for a few hours after shaving, so be sure to keep your hands away from your face when dry, no matter how smooth it might feel.

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So Now You Know How to Shave Without Getting Razor Bumps!

Keeping razor bumps at bay is not a technical or difficult process, but a few changes could help you see a massive change. The great thing about these tips is that they are low maintenance and yield massive results. Once you get into a groove, razor rash will become a painful thing of the past. Just keep your razor sharp, and your skin care product friendly, and leave a comment below if this helped you out!

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