Men's Grooming Shaving Tips

How to Shave For Less

Whether you shave for the smooth, refined finish, to avoid embarrassing lumpy and uneven growth, or to avoid the hassle of upkeep, shaving is an expensive and necessary ritual for millions of men. Walk into any grocery or drug store and it’s amazing how quickly you can sink $50 – $100 on the essentials; shaving cream, shaving gels, brushes, razors; someone has been getting rich on $19.99 disposable sheets of metal for decades; but what if you could save stacks of money and still get a clean shave?  Sounding a touch impossible?

For the most part, these prices have been kept high not because razors and accessories are technical pieces of equipment that require rocket science and exotic ingredients, but because we need and use them. Supply and demand, baby and the industry is one that won’t go out of fashion. You have one of two choices here: either you can stop shaving, or you can shop somewhere else. Yes, the grocery stores and drug stores are guilty of hiking up process of convenience, but we are also guilty of being lazy and giving into their demands.

Where to Save Money without Sacrificing Quality 

Back to Basics:

Look in your bathroom cabinet and work out what you use most frequently, and what is lurking in the back and costing you money. For the most part, a good quality razor, shaving gel and aftershave or moisturizer are all you need. Either everything else is “icing” and should be removed from the shopping list; or you can think smart and look for combination products that do more than one job. Being frugal should never mean compromising, it is all about thinking smart. Look for shaving gels with added SPF and moisturizer (such as Neutrogena Men Sensitive that retails for about $5, it also has added oil control). This can save you mega bucks right off the bat in unnecessary products.


Coupons are not just for soccer moms and “extreme couponers”; they are for the wise and those who love to save money. A quick Google search with a specific brand name can pull up thousands of results with money off, buy one get one free offers, and free sample trials. If you don’t find what you are looking for right away, you can always go the extra mile and email or call the company of your choice and ask. That’s right, in a world where it’s said you get nothing for free, we say, you haven’t asked nice enough! Most places will send samples out in the post the next working day in a bid to win your hard-earned cash.

Shaving Clubs:

Don’t worry, a shaving club isn’t some sort of fruity social club where men trade and share shaving equipment while catching up on the sports news, but a great and inexpensive way to stay on trend and receive products right to your doorstep. Places like Dollar Shave Club offer razors from, yes, you guessed it a dollar; and have packages for different needs and budgets. You can also get further discounts when you refer a friend, and most men save upwards of $100 a year on the basics but brand name items they love. Extra points if you ask friends and family to gift you memberships – free annual shaving is awesome!

Saving Money on Shaving around the Home

Now that you have everything in and you are ready to start, these quick pointers will help you save some extra pennies. After all, every little helps!

  • Use Cold Water: Hot water costs money and closes pores. Switching to cold water will help you get a closer shave and help you save each day. You can also turn off the water when you work for extra eco-friendly points.
  • Prepare Your Skin: Using warm water sparingly, a hot rag on the face for a few minutes can help to soften up the hair and skin, and save your razor from dying out quickly. This is beneficial for both disposable and regular razors, which will reward you with longer lasting results.
  • Use less Product(s): Using less products and less during the process will save you running back and forth to the store. Simply lather up to get the most of gels and creams before applying, and only use the recommended amount. We are all guilty of throwing it on and shaving it off, but too much product can aggravate skin and reduce the blades impact.  
  • Rinse the Razor: as you shave, product can build in-between the blades, slow down the impact, and recue the friction. This will also help you save time as well as money replacing the heads all the time!
  • Dry Your Razor: One of the main reasons razors go in the trash is not because they are blunt but because they are rusty. Drying a razor with a towel after use can add extra miles to your morning routine!

So there you have it, how to shave and save at the same time! Leave a comment below and let everyone know how you avoid shelling out for shaving!