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How To Remove a Tattoo

When you are tired of your old tattoo or your tattoo starts to fade away, you may want to remove it. It will be quite expensive and painful to remove it by visiting a tattoo studio. However, you can still remove your tattoo at home with several methods. The way you use may not remove the tattoo completely. But it should at least let the tattoo fade away more quickly. Tattoo can be removed by a tattoo balm, which is quite expensive. It can’t completely remove your tattoo though. Tattoos can also be removed by laser, which may cost you more than 500 dollars. But this method is better than chemical methods and is quicker. Removing your tattoo with laser if even better if you used mostly dark tattoo inks for the tattoo picture.

You need two mixtures for the cleaning process—one mixture of Vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel with the ration of 1:1; and another mixture of yogurt and turmeric powder in the ration of 1:1 as well. Put the mixture of aloe gel and Vitamin E onto your tattoo carefully with a q-tip and daub in circle for five minutes. Then wash your tattoo with pure water. When the mixture is completely washed off, apply the mixture of yogurt and turmeric powder on the tattoo and let it dry in about a quarter hour. Then wash your tattoo with warm water. Use this method to wash your tattoo everyday for a month. It is better to do it after shower, while your skin is warm, and the pores are fully open.

Another way of removing your tattoo is using lightening cream. There are creams specifically designed for tattoo removals, such as Tat B Gone or Fade Away. Or, you can just buy the active ingredient from a drugstore-a cream with at least 1 percent hydroquinone, a bleaching ingredient that can be found in the creams such as Black and White, SkinTx and Fade Gel.

If you use the special cream for tattoo removals, there may be special procedures and instructions for the removing process. If you use a cream with hydroquinone, clean you tattoo area firstly with a gentle exfoliation scrub to wash out the dead skin cells. This will help the cream sink into the tattoo skin more easily. Apply the cream onto your tattoo and rub for a while. Cover it with clothes or bandages only when it is dry. You have to repeat this procedure everyday for a couple of weeks. And the time for complete removal is due to the types of cream that you use.

Another very good way of getting rid of your old tattoo is to cover it with a new tattoo. Consult your tattoo artist and see if it is possible to cover your old tattoo. It depends on what tattoo inks you used on the old tattoo and how the color and shape of it is like. If you don’t have extra money for removing your old tattoo, or you don’t want to get painful in the removing procedures, why don’t you use some good theater makeup to cover it? Or, just cover it with clothes?

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