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How to Relieve Sunburn Like a Man

You knew you were supposed to wear sunscreen, you knew it would be hot out, and you knew when that prickling sensation started across your skin that you’d gone and burnt yourself again. Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. Sometimes the pool is too refreshing or that game of beach volleyball goes from one inning to ten, whatever happened there are some easy ways to relieve the symptoms of sunburn.

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The problem is when looking for homemade cures; many of the prescribed medicines feel a little, dare we say it, Momsey? Many involve taking long hot baths, using lotions, and Male Standard agrees that men don’t have time for all that nonsense. Instead, we put together a DIY sunburn preparation pack together that tackles the cause of sunburn from the source of skin to recovery, like a man!

1. Suck It Up!

The first step to recovering from sunburn is to admit you were an idiot and get over the fact that your friends are going to change your ringtone to “Rock Lobster.” Once you can get over the shame, the next step becomes much easier, and that is to retreat to a quiet and shaded corner of the house and to consume vast amounts of Gatorade or other sports drinks with high electrolytes. Your skin will thank you for these supercharged nutrients!

When overexposed to the sun, feeling tired is a critical symptom that your skin has lost vital nutrients and needs help from the inside out. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day and add more on hot, active days. This will keep your hair and nails in top condition, and stop you feeling sluggish. The best part is, you can mix and match different flavors so you don’t get bored of this super nutritious treat.

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2. Reach Into the Outback!

Aloe Vera is a plant extract that’s soothes and relieves sunburn, and can be reapplied many times a day until the burning finally quits. The great thing about Aloe is that it’s non-fussy, and you can spoon it on and let it get to work while you do other things. There is not complex math involved here, simply grab a knife and open the leaves, pour plenty onto your hand, and apply to the area that is peeling the most. Repeat as needed!

If you’re more of a modern man than a cave man, then check out local drug stores for the best summer deals on sunscreen and after-sun products; you can also buy straight Aloe in a bottle that will do the same trick as the plant. Just be sure to put the bottle in the fridge before use so that it’s extra soothing, you’ll appreciate this forward thinking later! Always wash your hands before applying Aloe to sensitive or sunburnt skin to avoid infection.

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3. Chill Out!

When sunburn strikes, the risk of heatstroke is increased, and the thought of taking a long cold shower can be refreshing. Avoid taking hot showers or baths that can dry out skin, and instead lather up with a moisturizing shower gel that will help to replace the lost moisture from the skin. Keep shower times short and to the point, and walk around in a towel after to air dry (rubbing with a towel is not advised). Take some inspiration from Les Grossman when killing time!

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4. Give Your Body a Break!

While it’s tempting to put up with the pain, a topical anesthetic can help reduce the swelling and recovery time. Think of it as the difference between sitting on the half-time bench, and being out there on the field. You know you want to get back on your feet, so give your body time to recover, and it will reward you in return. Besides, if anyone looks they’re going to assume that hurts likes the bees knees, and won’t even know the difference!

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5. When All Else Fails – Go “OTC”!

If the pain is intense, and you’re having trouble sleeping, then your body is going to have trouble repairing the damage. Any hopes of that blistering red skin turning into golden tan will dissipate unless you can get at least 8 good hours sleep a night. Dig out some OTC painkillers, check the expiration date, and tell your friends you will be back online tomorrow night. Take this one for the team and you’ll be more likely to wake up refreshed.

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If you’re looking for ways to revive dry, damaged skin or how to prevent sunburn in the first place, check out The Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming for hands on advice geared towards men from industry experts. No full, no fillers, just straight talking info that you need to know on how to look and feel like a true champ! Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let others know if you grabbed a copy!