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How to Redo Your Shoe Closet for Summer

Spring has arrived. In fact, it has sprung in full bloom as one can feel the sunshine on the skin and flowers sprout around. The season of spring is a pretty and beautiful one. Therefore, everything that you are planning to add to your closet must also be extremely beautiful.

How to Redo Your Shoe Closet for Summer

Funky shorts, cool T-shirts, interesting prints, cute dresses, colorful belts, trendy accessories – what else? Well, you are missing out on something very important. You are missing out on the shoes and the footwears that are the life of every outfit. Rather, they are the sole of every outfit. So, what do you fit in your closet for the spring season? We are talking particularly about the shoes?

Here are some options that you simply shouldn’t miss out on.

  1. Converse:  These are a colorful range of sneakers that are worldwide recognized for their quality, imagery and attitude. Summer and spring are the perfect time to sport a pair of Converse. You can wear them anywhere – for example, to the mall or to a birthday party.These sneakers never lose their charm. Yes, they never lose their charm. Even when they get all old and dusty, they still have an unbeatable attitude.
  2. Vans: This is a quality of sneakers that looks good on people of all ages. The kids love to wear VANS, the aged love to wear Vans and even the teenagers simply adore them. Vans are also sneakers, just like Converse. In fact, these two are the market leaders in the industry when it comes to sneakers.
  3. Dr. Martens: A pair of Dr. Martens Canada shoes is a must in the wardrobe of every man and woman who realizes what true fashion is all about. In spring go for the bright colors and prints. Yes, Dr. Martins shoes come in amazing designs, each pair depicting a fresh thought, like imagination unleashed. You can pair your Dr. Martens shoes with summery dresses and skirts or even shorts.
  4. Hawaianas: These flats or flip-flops as they are generally known as are the choicest footwear for summers. Because Hawaianas are stylish yet comfortable, wearing them inside your house or even outside can make you feel dressed appropriately from head to toe.You can even wear a pair to a friend’s house for a casual get-together.

Spring and footwear are two things to relish. Here is how you should plan some of your summer looks.

  1. Casual: Nothing could be better than a button down shirt worn open with the sleeves half rolled up. A spaghetti inside. It would be awesome if it is a little short so that the abs show. A pair of denim short shorts completes the clothes. For shoes, pick from Converse or Vans for a casual look. To make the same look a little chic, go for Dr. Martens.
  2. Formal: A nice formal trouser with a cut sleeve formal blouse makes the appropriate clothing. Dr. Martens in a suave color makes the right footwear.
  3. Party: A classy skirt or a monochrome a-line dress is the right party dress for the girls. They can pair it with Converse sneakers of their choice. For example, a pink dress would look amazing with black Converse and a yellow one would look very chic with white or black sneakers.

These are some of the spring tips for dressing cool, trendy or hot. Take your pick from the above listed and rock the season with Zelen shoes.