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How to Prevent Wrinkles Using Men’s Products

Fighting wrinkles is one of those things that we all have to face, but taking action now means you will end up with healthier, younger looking skin for longer. No more are Botox and cosmetic surgery the only viable options, men’s skin care products have come a long way, and regularly undertake rigorous scientific testing to find out what makes wrinkles tick. Learning how to prevent wrinkles using products is easy, cost effective, and much less dangerous.

Below are five expert tips to help snap your skin back into shape, with an assortment of skin care techniques that can be used on their own or altogether. Male Standard wants you to look your best, no matter your age, and recommend guys of all generations start to use these tips as part of their everyday skin care routine; the exciting thing is in knowing which active ingredients combat wrinkles, remarkably little effort is required in the application.

Let’s look at what options are on the winkle free table!

1. Tip 1: Don’t Over Wash Your Face

The first piece of advice might sound odd, but hear us out. Over washing your face can cause several different side effects, all of which result in wrinkles. If you wash frequently or with a face wash or soap, that causes dry skin, oily residue, grease, or other skin complaints then these all factor into the great wrinkle debate. While some wrinkles are natural, many can be easily avoided, as they are actually signs of damage.

Neutrogena Anti-wrinkle Cleanser will help you wash your face, twice a day, without drying out and damaging the sensitive skin. It contains critical Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (more on that in one moment), and additional vitamins to boost skins wrinkle resilience.

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2. Look For Products with AHA’s (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids)

Using a face or body cream with active ingredients AHA’s, or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, is a really easy but effective way to rejuvenate lackluster skin. This is the same active ingredient found in high cost salon treatments, and helps to replace missing amino acids, which directly responds to elasticity. A great home treatment choice is a budget conscious anti-wrinkle lotion that will replenish the skin, and offer intensive spot treatments (though be careful around the eyes).

Eucrine Lotion contains the same expensive active ingredient as others, but at a fraction of the costs; implement as a staple moisturizer in your skin care routine. A great way to care for your skin is to use this after washing to replace the lost minerals and prevent dryness.

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3. Increase Your Exposure To Retinol

Retinol is somewhat of a buzzword when it comes to wrinkles, but there’s a fantastic reason why. Retinol is actually a scientific name for the Vitamin A naturally found in skin and has been shown to be extremely effective when used in creams and lotions (due to our inability to easily digest this core nutrient). That means, using face products with this active ingredient can help reduce the signs of aging quickly because the skin absorbs the nutrients more readily.

ROC was one of the first to use Retinol, and hasn’t changed their award winning eye cream formula since; this is a classic anti-wrinkle staple. Use an eye cream before you go to bed for best results, this gives the skin time to suck up all the goodness without risking panda eyes.

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4. Fill in The Lines With Natural Products

While any anti-wrinkle regime is going to depend on the quality of your skin, age, genetics, and how much prep work you’ve done (plus some time for the effects to kick in), there is something you can do right now to immediately reduce the signs of aging. A top-secret male grooming technique is to fill in the lines with a product while using other treatments to remove the cause of the lines.

The ROC deep wrinkle filler is a lotion that immediately reduces the appearance of wrinkles while setting to work restoring the skin cells inside the wrinkles to plumping into place. This is a great day or night cure, and should be applied to areas with severe wrinkling.

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5. Dermabrasion: The Big Hydrocolloid Reveal   

Dermabrasion is a popular salon treatment, but the second of the active ingredients can also be found in the grocery store, and applied at home for the same results. Hydrocolloid is a healing mineral that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and scar tissue, and is placed on the skin and left for twenty minutes (or as directed) to penetrate into the crevices. Use this in the tub, for clean, smooth lines that will have everyone asking how you’re turning back time a la Cher!

While slightly different, DermaGen is one of the few product suppliers selling this product on the market, and for less than ten bucks, it’s a fantastic option to consider! The proactive plasters help to target specific areas, making sure that the cream is absorbed efficiently.

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