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How to Order a Drink the Right Way

Ordering a drink should be a very simple task, but for many people ends up turning into a bit of a disaster. You wouldn’t think this would be such an ordeal, but unfortunately people really don’t get it when it comes to ordering a drink. The first thing a bartender normally asks is, “What can I get you to drink?” This question should not come as a shock to you, after all that is at least 90% of the reason you are getting the bartender’s attention anyway. It’s very simple- all you need to do is figure out what you want to drink, see if the group you are with needs drinks, preferably before I ask the aforementioned question?, (if you’re planning on buying of course), get some sort of payment out and place your order.

Bartenders differ from servers so we don’t write down orders. Part of our job is to remember the drinks you order which is why it is essential to order your drinks in a particular way. Every bartender is different and has their own system to help memorize drink orders, but the customer still plays a vital part in this process. Mistakes are going to happen and customers are going to forget someone’s drink or be slightly off on the count, no biggie. It’s those of you who place an order that consists of multiple changes and last minute additions that forces me to take up unnecessary space in my brain and prolong you actually getting your drink, along with everyone behind you?. For example, placing the following order can get a little confusing- “Can I get two Bud Lights, a Cosmopolitan, 1 rum and coke, & 3 Kamikaze shots? Oh wait, make that 2 Kamikaze shots & 2 Jager Bomb. Oh and I need another rum and coke.” Now imagine this order being placed, while you’ve got a bar full of people waiting to get their drinks and this particular person is still talking to his or her group trying to see if there are any more changes or additions. Believe it or not, plenty of people order this way and don’t even realize it’s effect on the bartender. I’m not trying to say you need to order perfect every time, but taking the time to have your order a little more organized (especially if it’s a big one) helps with the bartender’s efficiency and ultimately helps you. Unless you have been in the industry, this information is probably completely foreign to you.

One of the annoying components of a bartender’s job is dealing with people who aren’t ready to order. It’s annoying enough having to deal with someone who is waving their hand at you asking to be next or leaning over the bar yelling drinks at you, but the frustration is multiplied when that idiot isn’t even ready to place an order when you make it over to them! I mean really, are you going to yell across the bar like a bafoon and THEN have the audacity to turn around and ask your friends what they want AFTER I’ve come over to you???? Use your freakin’ head, don’t flag me down unless you are good and ready to give me your order!

We are also amused with the people who order a “beer”. When you ask what kind of beer, they shrug and respond with, “Just a beer”. Are you joking? Our bar carries eight draft beers and twice as many bottled beers, all of which are clearly displayed! I wonder if people think they’re living in some kind of cartoon and everything is generically labeled. Granted, all bars are different but how many have you been to that only carry one type of beer? At some point you have to be able to help yourself. Do you want an imported or domestic beer, perhaps something dark or maybe you prefer something on the lighter side. I don’t expect you to even notice the display of beers, but you can at least narrow down the search by specifying what you’re looking for. Try asking what light beers the bar carries or possibly you’re in the mood for a draft. You may not know if the bar carries Corona, but you can start by asking what Mexican beers are offered if you happen to be in the mood for something in that tier.

Keep in mind, you’re ultimate goal is to get your drink as quickly as possible and my goal is to serve as many customers as I possibly can. If you are more organized when ordering, I can be more efficient when making your drinks. Help me, help you and we’ll both benefit! 🙂