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How to Make Shaving Cream at Home

Making your own organic shaving cream is actually dead simple. The benefits of creating your own products are that you know what is inside (so no allergies, chemicals, or weird smells) and that they are often cheaper and of higher quality than commercial shaving creams. As you can make these with household items, it is also a handy trick to pick up for those days where you might be tempted to shave with water; having run out of shaving cream.

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This simple, three-ingredient formula will create a soft lathering shaving cream for men with sensitive skin. There are no added chemicals, fragrances, or other ingredients that get in the way of a good, clean shave. The coconut oil and Shea butter nourish skin, and the olive oil works as a balm to protect the skin during application. This will leave your skin feeling super soft and rehydrated for days after.

Male Standard is about to reveal the magic behind the scenes:

Ingredients You Will Need:

1/3 C. Coconut Oil

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When choosing a quality coconut oil, look for extra virgin 100% coconut oil, to make sure there are no added chemicals or byproducts. Organic coconut oil is somewhat of a wonder cure for skin as it has so many health benefits, and can be used on any skin type (especially sensitive skin). The oil repairs damage, reduces acne and scarring, provides moisturizing properties and offers additional antibacterial, anti-nutrient, and anti-oxidant cleansing powers.

You can eat pure coconut oil for extra intensive benefits, and it makes a terrific beard conditioner should you wish to keep some stubble around. Simply apply coconut oil directly to the beard, and massage in a small amount for a few minutes each night. This will give the hair a thick, shiny appearance with less breakage and dryness. For your shaving cream, it will help soften the hair to ensure a close, clean shave.

This is also the first of two protective ingredients we will use:


1/3 C. Shea Butter

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Shea butter is equally moisturizing and protective and offers added healing properties to work with the coconut oil. As Shea is butter, it contains high levels of fatty acids, which are absorbed by the skin, and repair damage. Shea also contains high levels of collagen, which is what gives skin a youthful bounce, and that disappears with age. This will help bring back firmness, and can be used as a deep healing moisturizer to.

Shea is a common ingredient in many commercial products for these reasons, but is often used diluted, or where the Shea is not pure, therefore not as potent. By going directly to the source, you get 100% of skin care benefits, without any drying and damaging chemicals that are added to lather the product. To show you how to create a natural lather without any chemicals, be sure to check out ingredient number three.

1/4 C. Olive Oil

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Extra virgin olive oil is not only a great ingredient in the kitchen, but also a hypoallergenic skin treatment that helps to moisturize and protect. Adding olive oil to coconut oil and Shea butter means no ingredient goes to waste, and the olive oil acts as a carrier, to thin out the oil and butter to create the traditional shaving cream consistency you are used to. This is the third and final ingredient you will be using and is perfect for all skin types.

Like the other ingredients, olive oil on its own is a stellar deep conditioning treatment, which can be used once a week to soften hair, making shaving a breeze. Just be sure to wash it out with warm water for at least two minutes, so there is no greasy residue. It is best to warm the olive oil in the microwave for less than a minute so that it is pliable, and easily absorbed. You do not want it so hot that it will burn you or the other ingredients though.

Making the Homemade Shaving Cream

The first step, once you have your ingredients measured out and ready for use, is to mix them together so that you create a fluffy consistency. This should only take a few minutes.

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A hand whisk or fork works just grand, or consider using a food processer to mix the ingredients faster. Using a whisk is fantastic for adding more air, to help build up a better lather.

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You will know when the ingredients are mixed together thoroughly as the product will be light, fluffy, and ready for use. This is the same quality as designer boutiques who sell organic shaving cream, at a fraction of the price! As this homemade shaving cream contains natural ingredients, it is best to store in the fridge so that they do not change shape or consistency. Use an airtight container, and fluff up as needed before use.

Using Homemade Shaving Cream

Using a homemade shaving cream is pretty much the same in that all you have to do is whip it up and apply the product to your face, except you will notice the protective and moisturizing qualities, and less skin irritation from the first use. As the shaving cream is fresh, the effects will make you feel like a new man, and while it might seem strange to make shaving cream, we bet if you give this a go, you will see the difference for yourself!

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