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‘Lights, Camera, Action’ – How To Make a Killer Sex Tape

Alright guys: we all know your secret. The truth is out. Ever since the stars began doing it, all you can think about is ‘doing it’. On tape. The reality is, however, that very few men know where to begin when it comes to being the stars of their own sex tape. Here are a few pointers for when you want to catch it all on camera.


Film at night, using candlelight instead of fluorescents. It will provide a softer, hazier light, mellow the mood, and the romance of the candlelight will drive her wild. If you want to get a little spicy, try night-vision for a few scenes, or try using red lighting if you want to take a walk on the wild side.


You don’t need a cameraman or high-end equipment. Try a mini-DV, but for the love of God, turn off HD. Nobody wants to see that. Also, mind your positions. Yeah, yeah, read up on your Kama Sutra, but also consider the positioning off the camera. Aim the camera down to display your ‘equipment’ or show off your tongue dexterity, aim up from below as a shrine to her bodacious bod: it’s the most flattering for the female body, flattening the stomach and rounding out the butt. Also think about transitions: consider choreography – it’s like a dance. Determine the positions and transitions beforehand to avoid any awkward fumbles.


First things first: turn her on. Drive her wild. Seduce her. Hell, take her out to dinner. Have a few glasses of wine, take a cab home; as an added plus, the wine will lower inhibitions and get rid of any ‘performance anxiety’. Definitely don’t throw foreplay on the back-burner: engage in a little before the camera is even running. It can lighten (and heighten) the mood, helping both parties feel a little more relaxed.

Once you turn on the camera, don’t worry about dirty dialogue or naughty noises, just focus on the primal pleasure; you don’t need to act like a porn star. It has to be real, not forced, or it won’t be enjoyable. The same goes for positioning: most porn positions are what looks raunchiest, and often aren’t very pleasurable. Do what feels best, and if you really feel the need, do a little research beforehand and ask her if she wants to try something new and exciting. Cowgirl and reverse always look good on camera, and avoid anything that resembles a jackhammer. Above all, relax, lay back, and enjoy yourselves. This is your time to shine.

A final word – the most important thing to remember is this: both parties absolutely must be on board, there should only ever be one existing copy and it should absolutely never be uploaded to a computer.

When it comes down to it, what I’m saying is this: making a sex tape is an epic experience. It can be the wildest, or the most intimate, thing you’ve ever done with a partner. Make it unique, make it special, make it exactly the way you want it. Have fun, gents.

Photo credit: Crysco Photography

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