How To Hack The Psychology Of Attraction

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As if dating weren’t difficult enough. Prior to deciding on a place, dress, and pumping oneself up for a big event, we should know if it is worth the effort. I’m not sure if she will find it amusing. Maybe. My favorite pastime may be of interest to him. We’ll have to wait and see. You can improve your chances of finding a life partner by learning more about the psychology of attraction. For a long time, scientists have been trying to figure out what causes the elusive spark, and they’ve discovered that there are multiple types.

What Attracts You To Someone?

Desire, interest, and like can all be felt when someone is attracted to you. The study of why we are drawn to certain people over others is known as the psychology of attraction.

In the end, it turns out that there isn’t just one way to attract someone. Seven types of attraction stand out as the most common, despite the fact that there are numerous varieties and strengths. Forces such as like, sexual desire, similarity, or even physical proximity are all examples of these.

For instance, sexual attraction can be motivated solely by physical cues and is driven by a desire to engage in intimate acts with another individual. Feelings of longing for a relationship with another person are a deeper source of romantic attraction. When the two of them are seen together, it’s deemed “attraction.”

Having a strong desire for a non romantic companionship is all that a friendship-based attraction is. For example, a person can be attracted to someone because they are excellent listeners but not be sexually attracted to them.

So even if it isn’t conclusive work, it’s important to acquire as many hints as possible when you’re meeting someone new. Here are seven fascinating nuggets about the psychology of attraction that you may not have known.

For the First Date, Wear Red

While talking to heterosexual men, a 2010 study found that women wearing red had an edge when it came to attractiveness. The crimson-clad ladies were asked more personal questions by the guys and they preferred to sit closer to them than the ones in blue or green.

Women of all sexual orientations, when shown photos of men in red or against a bright red background, also found them more attractive. Red is a primary color that is connected with health and reproduction, which may explain the phenomenon. To see for yourself, wear red during your next date to see whether it works.

Examine Your Body Language

Findings from a study conducted in 2011 show that tiny gestures, slow speech, and leaning backward are non-threatening signs that help the date feel more at ease.

Allow yourself to become more animated once they’ve begun to relax. Balance between verbal and nonverbal signs is seen as beautiful because you’re showing off your personality and respecting others’ privacy at the same time.

As a statement of confidence, an open body posture can help a person feel more attractive. Make eye contact and smile when you’re attracted to someone. Smiling and making eye contact with someone increases the activity in the part of the brain linked to reward. Maintaining eye contact and smiling might make you appear more attractive to others, regardless of cultural norms.

Take Advantage of the Powers of Smell and Sound

Human heterosexual attraction can be determined biologically (more on this later) by one’s voice and smell, according to research published in 2017 from Poland’s Wroclaw University by a group of psychologists. A woman’s smell can reflect her fertility, just as a man’s scent might indicate his level of dominance, according to their research.

According to research, “women prefer lower-pitched voices, which are likely linked to men’s testosterone levels,” when it comes to the voice.

In heterosexual partnerships, men’s voices tend to rise and women’s voices tend to fall in pitch, according to the author. However, both men and women with sexier voices are more prone to cheat on their partners. Read more about how scent has an impact on attraction here.

Who We Find Attractive is Influenced by Our Genetics

It’s not surprising that people find symmetry appealing. A person’s fertility and the power of their genes can be revealed by their face and body traits, but there’s another fascinating aspect of genetics that’s worth exploring. It was shown in 2005 that 34% of the choosing of friends and partners is based on genetic similarity, according to the late J. Philippe Rushton, a psychologist. This explains why happy couples have a tendency to look alike.

For example, we tend to be drawn to those whose immunological genes differ from our own—potentially offering greater immunity to future offspring. Genetic compatibility may be detected unconsciously through scent and kissing.