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How to Get a Good Workout At Home When Your Gym is Closed

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and businesses we’ve taken for granted are closing left and right. One place that’s closed in many different states is the gym. If you’re someone who loved to work out every day, you may be panicking. One way to keep your mental health up during a quarantine is exercising, but it’s hard to do when you lack the equipment. Here are some survival tips.

Try Working Out Without Any Equipment

There are many exercises that can work out your entire body, all of which require nothing special. Crunches, burpees, squats, the list goes on. Searching on YouTube or another website can give you a treasure trove of different workouts that require nothing.

In addition, you may find some less conventional ways to work out, such as working out with some goods you have at home. For example, water jugs could be used as weights.

Try Buying Equipment from Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or Thrift Shops

While you can buy gym equipment online, it’s expensive, and many pieces of equipment are running out of stock due to high demand. Even a small dumbbell can cost a lot. This is why you should look to secondhand sources. If thrift shops are still in your area, look there. Otherwise, you should look to Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or other websites.

Many people are selling their gym equipment they don’t use to make an extra buck. See if you can buy from them. With that said, be safe doing it if you buy in-person. Here are some tips.

· See if the seller will accept digital payments.

· Arrange a way to pick up the goods without contact.

· Use rubber gloves and don’t touch your face when handling the equipment.

· Sanitize the equipment when it’s at your house.

The safest way is to order it online, but due to shipping costs and the lack of stock, that isn’t always the best option.

Spread Apart Your Purchases

If you’re tight on money or don’t want to spend hundreds in one go, buy the essentials first, such as an exercise mat, a weight, and anything else. Buy equipment that’s the most relevant to the most worked-out parts of your body. Later, you can move on up to some bigger and better purchases.

One item you can get is a resistance band, which can work out your arms and legs, and it doesn’t cost too much at all.

Work Out in a Place Free From Distractions

There are a few advantages to working from home. It costs less money, there isn’t anyone hogging your equipment, and less travel. However, one big disadvantage is that it can be distracting. If you’re working out in a cluttered room or a place that has distractions you may feel distracted as you do so. One second, you’re trying to do some crunches, and then you’re suddenly looking up recipes online.

Work out in an empty, clean spot. Perhaps do it on your porch, or do it in an empty room.

Rearrange Your House

Speaking of empty rooms, we’re aware that some guys live in smaller apartments and homes. If you do, then it’s important that you make some space to work out. Don’t be afraid to do a little spring cleaning while you’re at it. This way, you can make way for any weights.

It’s Okay to Run Outside

Being self-isolated does not mean you can’t run outside. You just need to do it in an area where there are no people. If you live in an area where you can get a good run, why not take advantage of it?

Play Some Good Music

Unless you live in an apartment complex with thin walls, why not blast some music from your TV, computer, or from your phone? Music that gets you moving can keep you focused and giving it your all as you work out.

This is common sense, but the advantage of working out from home is that you can play whatever music you want to from the speakers.

Make Sure You’re Following Other Health Guidelines as Well

While keeping up a good workout is important, so is eating right, getting enough sleep, and keeping your mental health up during all of this. This is a mentally trying time, and no matter who you are, there’s no shame in talking about it to someone. Online therapy sites such as BetterHelp are a good way for you to get the help you need during a time when everything feels uncertain.

You can get a good home workout while you wait for the gym to reopen. If you end up getting enough equipment, then who knows? You may end up canceling the gym membership altogether whenever it reopens.