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How to Find the Best Hair Stylist For Men

There are many reasons to find a new salon or stylist, but the most common reason I hear from new clients is that they simply are not getting what they want or ask for.  In my opinion way too many people stay with the same stylist out of loyalty, which is good to have but if you are not receiving the service you want it may be time for a change regardless of comfortableness and/or loyalty.

Before looking for someone new ask yourself if you have really tried telling your stylist what you want? If the answer is yes, and your stylist just seems to do what they want instead of what you want, it may be time for you to move on. If the answer is no, I do recommend that you speak with them prior to moving on because if you have not told them specifically what you want chances are you are going to run into the same problem again and again.

Now if you do choose to move on and find someone new here are some tips and/or recommendations to aid you in finding a new stylist/ salon:

Ask your friends or family members about their stylist and why/what it is about that experience they enjoy.  It does not even need to be someone you know, it could be a stranger, someone with hair that catches your eye or is sporting the style that you have been trying to get. If you do decide to go to them make sure you get the customer’s name and advise the stylist of the referral. Anyone who loves their hair will be more than happy to give you that stylist’s name and tell you why they love them.  The people around you are walking billboards for their stylists so if you like what you see why not ask and get that information?

Go online.  There are many websites where people go and write about their experiences at that salon or a specific stylist so it is a great tool to use when looking.  Some to look at are yelp or city search they will list multiple salons where you can get instant feedback.

When you are out, look at the salons around you.  While looking check out the outside of the salons is it clean or dirty?  If it looks like a place you might like, go inside and talk to the receptionist about prices, and stylists. If it is a salon that books consultations for potential customers talk with one of their stylists and get a feel for if it is what you are looking for.  While you are there ask for a tour of the salon so you can check out the atmosphere, cleanliness of the salon, clientele, and the stylists themselves.  It is also a good way to get an idea of their customer service and how they treat their guests.

One thing to always keep in mind when talking to a stylist you have never been to before is to explain what you want the best way you know how to.  A good way to do that is to tell them what you like and more importantly what you do not like about your hair. As I have said in my other articles bring in pictures, examples of what you are looking for and then ask the stylist if that is possible with your hair.  Do not set yourself up for disappointment. Once again, if you do not know what you want how will the stylist?  The stylist will tell you what will or won’t look good on you so do not be afraid to say what you want.  It is your hair and you are the one who has to live with it and look at it everyday, not them.

The most important thing to keep in mind with this process is patience.  Your stylist should be someone you can talk to, sometimes even serving as a therapist for you, so it is important you feel comfortable with him or her.  When you find the stylist/ salon for you the time spent will be worthwhile and you will look forward to that experience instead of dreading it.