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Finding Comfort with Tommy John Superior Performance Underwear

Tom Patterson was fed up with the way his undershirt came untucked, shrunk up, and quickly yellowed, so he set out to make the ultimate undershirt that is now the must have for every man. Raised in Milbank, South Dakota—population: 3,600, Tom always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He started a number of small businesses when he was younger and knew that one day, he would start his own company when an idea came to him. Before starting Tommy John, Tom attended Arizona State University and then worked as a medical device salesman. Today, Tom lives in New York City and on days he isn’t solving men’s undergarment problems, he enjoys traveling, surfing, lifting weights and playing golf. Male Standard caught up with Tom to see how he’s inspiring change in the men’s undergarment arena.

Tom Patterson, Founder of Tommy John

What inspired you to create technology focused underwear?

Our customers. I also constantly ask friends what problems they have with their underwear and what is missing. From there, I create something that solves those problems while being more comfortable than what you can find on the market.

How do you test your products prior to launching a new design?

We have many people wear them, wash them, fill out surveys, ect. We make claims on our products so we need to make sure we can stand behind those claims so customers continue to trust us.

Are there any designs you left on the drawing board?

Sure.  Ideas for us are limitless and always evolving.

What are the benefits of Anti-Pilling Micro Modal?

We use a patented non-pilling micro modal.  This ensures the Tommy John products customers buy retain softness and smoothness without pilling; wash after wash.  This allows them to look and feel newer, longer.


Should men be using talc or product in their drawers?

It really depends on the time of year, climate, body weight, if you work outside, ect. We find our cool cotton underwear will keep men cooler than traditional underwear.  We hear from customers that they will use talc if they are in humid climates or working outside most of the day when the weather is very warm.

Undershirts are coming back into Vogue; why do you think that is?

I’m not really sure. Maybe they are realizing that wearing an undershirt will protect your outershirt from perspiration and allow you to dry clean your dress shirts less.


Which (if any) undershirts do you personally wear and why?

I wear crew necks when I wear a suit and tie. I will wear a deep vneck when I go without a tie as I don’t like my undershirt to be visible. I wear the Second Skin products in fall and winter and then switch to cool cotton in the warmer months.

What essentials would you recommend for a weekend away?

With it being summer, I would take a Cool Cotton deep vneck undershirt, our stay put liner socks, cool cotton trunks, and 360 sport trunks for working out.


What’s your Male Standard?

Do what you love, take risks, question everything, have fun, learn from your mistakes, and make healthy choices.

Thank you Tom for taking the time to share your advice! For more info or to order, please visit TommyJohn.