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How To Design The Best Man Cave

They say that your home is your castle. It’s a retreat from the pressures and stresses of the world and the place where everyone should feel comfortable. If you’re married or living with your significant other, having influence over the design of your household may be challenging, which is why negotiating a personal retreat – or man cave – is of utmost importance; every king needs his throne, and you deserve to have a room that is entirely your own.

What are the basics of a man cave?

Some would say the heart and soul of this environment is the television, which must be huge! You may be tempted to purchase the largest screen your budget will allow, but remember to take into consideration the size of your room. A 50-inch television might be perfect in one location but may appear overwhelming in another. Space permitting, you may want to consider a projector for maximum dimension. Do the proper research and read the reviews from places like Best Buy and Amazon to find the best match.

Once you have your television, seating is the next key factor to consider.

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Comfort is, of course, the first thing to take into account when furniture shopping, but it isn’t the only element to take into account. Think about how many people you can on regularly accommodating within the space, as well as what level of energy you’re willing to spend to maintain the furniture. Leather and vinyl is not only handsome, but it’s durable and easy to wipe spills off. If you want to go for a more affordable, softer look, opt for couch covers that can be thrown in the wash.

If you have the space (and plumbing hook-up), a wet bar can be a great addition to your man cave.

Something simple with a small sink and refrigerator, a classic lit display shelf for your liquor collection, and maybe even a beer tap up to with a sixth or quarter keg under the bar would be a great addition. Some guys like to recreate the look a local watering hole with tin beer signs and neon lights; others will prefer a more natural aura that reflects the luxury of their home.

If you enjoy cigars, you will undoubtedly want to display your collection using a humidor.

You can purchase these in many different sizes, from small table top boxes to large display cases that can be mounted on the wall. Remember it is important to create humidity and temperature controlled space to prevent the tobacco wrapper of your cigars from drying. If you have difficulty finding the perfect humidor near you, you can buy them from online cigars stores like JR Cigars.

Depending on the size and space, adding a pool table or dart board may be a great idea.

Photo Credit: DIY Network
Photo Credit: DIY Network

Adding either an official poker table that is equipped with chips, cards and a timer will guarantee your home will be the place all your buddies will look forward to visiting. Just make sure you have enough room to realistically allow guests to take full advantage of the activities you offer; playing pool requires a bit of space to maneuver about in, and you won’t want your gamblers packed in on top of one another.

There are also practical details that should not be overlooked.

If you plan on drinking from a lot of beer cans, make sure you have a place to dispose of them; if you’re smoking cigars, multiple ash trays are a must; a sound system will help liven up the environment, and find affordable ways to soundproof the room will help ensure that your own merriment doesn’t disrupt your family.

Whatever you do in your man cave should be personal to you. With time, a well-planned budget, and some basic research, you can truly create the best man cave to fit your home and lifestyle!