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How to Design an Awesome Bachelor Pad

Have you just moved into your first bachelor pad? Are you looking to make the space both comfortable and stylish? Do you want to design a space that goes above and beyond your expectations and makes you want to chill at home as much as possible? Do you also want to be sure that your bachelor pad is welcoming for guests and that it is the perfect place for entertaining?

Yes, it’s a long list of demands, but it is all achievable with proper design planning. Here are some tips that will help you to design an awesome bachelor pad.

Aim for a Luxe High-End Vibe

One of the most popular styles for a bachelor pad is a luxurious high-end vibe with plenty of masculine touches. This is the kind of design that is timeless in that it doesn’t come and go. It also offers you a lot of versatility when it comes to picking out the color palette, decor, furniture pieces, artwork and all the other touches. It’s more about creating a vibe and a feeling than anything else.

Splurge on Your Bedroom Furniture

If you are going to splurge on furniture in any area of your place, bedroom furniture will likely be the best place to do so. You want to ensure that it looks stylish, but that you also get a comfortable night’s sleep. Because you don’t have to worry about someone else’s sleep preferences, this is also the perfect time to invest in a mattress that suits your sleep style. You may even want to get an adjustable one which is perfect for those days when you want to lounge in bed, maybe do a little video gaming from bed, or watch your favorite movies. It’s all about making you comfortable.

As for the furniture pieces, ideally, you want to keep it to the basics since bachelor pads aren’t typically a large space, so just a basic dresser or wardrobe and maybe a nightstand should be sufficient. There’s no need for all the pieces to match exactly; instead, just ensure they flow with each other.

Use Rich, Deep Colors

Speaking of that high-end vibe, making use of rich, deep colors can certainly help achieve that. A popular feature in bachelor pads is rich, dark leather or suede furniture, dark hardwood flooring, richly colored tiling, and embracing metals like chrome, stainless steel and brass. This can make the space feel incredibly trendy.

The Ultimate Entertainment System

Then there is the must-have in any bachelor pad, which is an awesome home entertainment system. This is where you can go all-out with a big screen TV, the latest surround sound system and your video gaming console of choice. It will be something you enjoy and get plenty of use out of, but it’s also perfect when entertaining friends. Your bachelor pad may become the preferred hangout spot for you and your friends, thanks to your home theater and entertainment system.

Besides the tech features, you’ll also want to ensure the seating is comfortable and arranged practically. Keeping flow in the room will be aesthetically pleasing, plus the seating needs to be set far enough back from the TV that you get the optimum viewing experience.

Moving into your first bachelor pad is an exciting time in life. This is the place that you get to deck out however you see fit, so why not make it an awesome space that you love to spend time in and feel proud of the results? These simple design tips and choices will help you achieve that very easily.