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How To Deal with Anxiety in Uncertain Times

The current Covid-19 pandemic has heightened uncertainty over the economy, employment, finances, relationships, physical and mental health. We all want to feel safe and have a sense of control in our lives. However, in times like now, this can leave many of us feeling anxious, stressed and overall uncertain with everything.

We have put together some tips and advice on how to deal with anxiety during uncertain times such as now. Remember that no matter how much overwhelmed you feel, there are steps you can take to be confident in dealing with the unknown.

Try to Stay Positive

By consciously selecting something positive to think about you can remove fear and irrational thinking by focusing you mind on something stress-free.

Try to always have something positive to think about when you become anxious. Focus on events in your life you are excited about, previous memories, things you are grateful for etc, all of which help focus your brain on something different.

Learn to Accept Uncertainty

Whilst everyone likes to be in control, this is not possible and it is important to embrace that. The only thing that many of us can control in uncertain times is the process we decide how to deal with it. By analyzing the facts of the uncontrollable and trying to be rational this will help you with any anxiety you may have. Try not to become preoccupied with the uncertainties of life, instead focus all of your attention and effort on what they can do to better their situation.

Open Up to Therapy (Face to Face or Telephone)

If you are becoming increasingly anxious and have no real way of coping then it is important to seek help. Trained professionals are able to discuss and offer guidance at any stage of your life.  We often see people ask if therapy for mental health is covered by health insurance – BetterHelp has a comprehensive guide on this.

Daily Rituals for Self-Care

In times of uncertainty having some daily rituals can help with the mindset of control. These steps that you can complete every day will give comfort with the aim of reducing stress. Some rituals include scheduling breathing exercises, drinking chamomile tea, going for a walk. Do these at a set time each day can allow you to feel in control. Exercise, breathing techniques and thinking positive have all be shown to release serotonin, which gives an overall mood boost.

Talk with others

Many people experience anxiety, especially during uncertain times. From research, one of the most recommend methods is to reach out and talk with other people. If you are unable to see them in-person, use a video-calling app where possible. This will allow you to discuss your uncertainty and get a different perspective on your worries. Whilst they might not be able to give the complete answers, sharing your thoughts will be sure to help you feel better.