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How To Cure Dry Cracked Feet

Dry and cracked feet are a nuisance, that’s for sure.  However, they may also be a health concern.  Dry and cracked feet may be the result of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, or even something more serious like diabetes or hypothyroidism.  You may also get rough or cracked feet from simply standing for long periods of time.  Whatever the case, if you want to cure your foot pain and discomfort, you need only read on.

Here are some tips for curing rough, dry, cracked feet

  • Believe it or not, your dry and cracked feet may be a result of your diet.  The absolute best natural remedy for looking your best and feeling your best is, of course, a great diet.  A diet high in whole grains and raw vegetables will be the best for your skin.
  • Be sure to wash your feet.  Scrub them in the shower and do a moisturizing foot soak once or twice a week.
  • Use a moisturizer for dry skin every few nights until the dryness subsides.  Leave the moisturizer on overnight.  Put on heave socks to the moisturizer will soak in, and rub it in again in the morning.

Products to try

An interesting natural remedy for dry feet is banana pulp.  It might sound crazy, but if you mix equal parts banana, lemon juice, honey, and natural margarine and rub it on your feet at night, you should be able to cure your dry feet.  Similar to the moisturizer, you should also put on heavy socks after applying this formula.  Wash it off in the morning.

There are many other natural remedies as well

  • Honey works great for feet that are both dry and cracked as it has anti-bacterial qualities.
  • Oatmeal, olive oil and coconut oil are great for any type of dry skin, so they are your other options.  Oatmeal has the added bonus of scraping off dry and dead skin cells.

Do some trial and error with these remedies to see which one works for you.