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How to Combat Dry, Oily, and Combination Skin Types

There are five unique skin types for all men. Your skin type will likely be a combination of two or more of these symptoms (find out how to diagnose your skin type here). Most men have sensitive skin; very few have normal skin naturally, and most complain of dry, itchy skin and greasy, oily skin conditions above others. The great thing about skin is that while it is all different, it mostly wants the same things.

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You might suffer from dry or oily skin, but combination skin is the worst of both worlds and therefore, the one that most of us are blessed. Skin naturally wants balance, and to be healthy and strong. If it doesn’t have enough moisture, it can damage quickly. Feed it too much moisture and oil, and it will go greasy. So what can you do to get rid of this frustrating skin condition?

While you cannot change your skin type, there are plenty of tips that will keep it in better shape.

1. How to Replenish Dry Skin

Dry skin has several symptoms that generally make this an uncomfortable experience. Dry skin has no elasticity and feels tight and dry to the touch. You might have patches of red skin called Rosetta (and is a form of Eczema). Dry skin might also be flakey, especially around the nose and mouth, or feel rough in places. This hardened skin is unable to shed and will dry out other areas over time.

To replenish dry skin, you must be able to hydrate from the inside and out. Start by upping your water intake to at least eight glasses of water a day (more if it is hot out, or you are active). Next, create a skin care routine that focuses on putting back lost moisture and that cares for your sensitive skin type. Many men do not realize they have sensitive skin, or that many products contain chemicals and alcohol that are drying.

Use sensitive products that contain added Vitamin A, C, and E, which repair dry skin, and have added moisturizers. Avoid abrasive chemicals and exfoliates that will dry out your skin further. Look to adding a dedicated facial moisturizer than can seal in the moisture after your daily washing routine, and can be used to correct spot areas throughout the day. Aim to wash your face in the morning and at night to see improvements.

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2. How to Calm Greasy Skin

Greasy skin has the opposite problem and feels too oily and slick. Oil naturally protects the skin, but an imbalance can cause infections, adult acne, and other skin conditions. To reduce the amount of grease on the face, it is crucial to stop over washing or mis-treating this condition as this can aggravate the sebum glands and product more oil. Time, consistency, and as few quality products as possible are your friend here.

To combat oily, greasy skin, you must be able to find a balance. This is going to take some time and understanding from you, but will reward you with healthy, clear skin. As your face is sensitive, avoid touching areas or removing the grease throughout the day with your hands (which also contain oil), as this will not do you any favors. Instead, wash your face in the morning and at night, and use a dry blotter to reduce excessive grease during the day.

Those with oily skin benefit from dry products, or products with less added moisturizers that can leave skin with a sheen. Instead, look for products that contain natural oils that are stripped away from washing to replace the lost nutrients. While this might seem backward in logic, your body is compensating for the oil lost during the day and feels like you need more and who are we to argue? Once it feels less deprived, you will be a new man!

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3. How to Maintain Combination Skin

Combination skin is the most common skin types of all men, and can quickly become frustrating if your skin has different problem zones, or where one product can dry out or one can over oil. Balance and consistency are critical steps, and trying out different products for a few weeks at a time will let you know how your skin reacts. With combination skin, not all areas are going to be the same. So consider different products for different areas.

Follow the advice above for when skin becomes too oily or too dry, and keep an eye on when your skin is acting right. Often, we only notice our skin when something goes wrong, but healthy skin is a strong indicator that it likes what you are (or are not) doing. Wash your face in the morning and before bed, and keep your hands away in between. Use products that combat combination skin to even the tone and coloring.

Combination skin products are a terrific way to cut to the chase, and take some of the pressure off you to work out what is right. Looks for brands that are dermatologically tested as these are proven to work, and are perfect for sensitive skin. Here are some examples shown below to point you in the right product direction. Remember, results won’t happen overnight, but they will dramatically improve the skin while healing is underway.

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For more expert advice on how to diagnose your skin type, find actual techniques on how to wash your face and body without triggering dry, oily skin, then check out The Ultimate Guide to Grooming – packed with over 101 top tips.