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Here’s Why You Need To Start Using A Safety Razor

Do you tend to struggle with shaving? Are you tired of getting terrible razor burn, itching and cuts every time you shave? Well then, chances are that you are using the wrong kind of razor.

Most of us use the commonly found, disposable razors that you can find at your nearest corner store or departmental store. Over the past few decades, advertisements and marketing have convinced us that multiple-blade disposables are the pinnacle of shaving technology, but that is quite the myth actually. Not only do such razors deliver a sub-par shave at best, but they also cause more harm and lead to a higher chance of razor burn, nicks, cuts, ingrown hair, etc.

So what should you use then? The answer is – a safety razor. Read our detailed article below to know why you should throw your current disposable razor in the bin, and shift to using safety razors.

What Are Safety Razors?

Before we move on to the “why” it is important to tell you the “what”. As in, what is a safety razor?

A safety razor is a type of traditional razor, which has one blade in the middle, covered by a protective rectangular dome. These razors have a simple yet highly efficient design, and they were created by King C. Gillette in order to reduce the amount of skill that was then required to deliver a proper shave, without risking injury.

A lot of people tend to consider safety razors as “old-fashioned” but the truth is that despite having a traditional, simple design, they are much more effective, less expensive, and safer for both you and the environment, compared to disposable razors. Thankfully, in recent times, the trend of using safety razors is slowly gaining a bit more traction, and you can find some excellent brands making great safety razors. Our top pick would be the best classic safety razor: Merkur 34C, which is an efficient, sleek product that will give you a great shave, time after time.

Why You Should Start Using Safety Razors

  1. A Close Shave, every time – The single-blade technology of safety razors is highly efficient and it manages to give you a close shave every single time, unlike cartridge razors, which have multiple blades, can often cause hair to get trapped between the blades instead of getting shaved off, cleanly. On top of that, the singular blade grazes your skin much more smoothly, and also allows you to adjust the razor according to the angle that is most comfortable for you. All of which help deliver an amazing shave every time.
  2. Less Irritation – One of the main problems with cartridge razors is that they contain multiple blades, all of which run over your skin at once. And since the blades of cartridge razors aren’t that sharp, you often need to run them over the same area numerous times. Both of these things lead to immense irritation, increase razor burn and widen your chances of getting cuts. On the other hand, safety razors have only one blade raking over your skin at a time, which reduces irritation and keeps your skin happy.
  3. A Greener Option – We mentioned above that safety razors are safer for the environment as well, and that is very much true. Did you know that every year, almost 2 billion disposable razors are discarded? This is because cartridge razors need to be changed frequently over time. On top of that, they contain a ton of plastic as well, which increases environmental risk. However, safety razors are made of biodegradable materials, which are recyclable too. But, since such razors last you a long time if you keep them clean and away from moisture, you won’t even have to consider replacing them too frequently.
  4. Save Money – Disposable cartridge razors seem inexpensive at first glance, but we often fail to account for the recurring cost of replacement. It is unhygienic to use disposable razors for more than a month or two at a time, and you have to continuously spend to replace the cartridge as well as the razor. A safety razor might cost a bit more upfront, but they’ll last you a long time. The only thing you’ll have to replace time-to-time is the single blade in the middle, which is available easily and is much cheaper than cartridges.