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Heineken Light Official Beer Of St. Patrick’s Day? Neil Patrick Harris And Leprechaun Trade Jabs

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and you want to drink one million green beers! Neil Patrick Harris and has a solution for you – Heineken Light.

Per the former Doogie Howser, it’s “The best light beer you’ve ever tasted!” who asserts that Heineken Light is the official beer of St. Patrick’s Day.

Much to the chagrin of a leprechaun who points out that the beer isn’t even Irish. Harris responds by changing his tune, instead promoting the product as “the best light beer you’ve ever tasted.”

When the leprechaun concedes that the assessment is fair, Harris proceeds to break out his awful attempt at an Irish accent.

Check out the video:


As a light beer, that isn’t laden with green food coloring, Heineken Light may be the perfect beer to imbibe today, in spite of NPH’s horrible accent.

The St. Patrick’s Day spot comes on the heels of Benicio Del Toro’s recently released “Famous” Heineken spot which also shows the brand’s willingness to not take itself seriously.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!