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Grovemade Introduces Limited Edition, Metal iPhone Docks

Grovemade, a leading designer of handcrafted wooden and leather accessories, today introduced a limited edition run of iPhone docks made entirely from metal. The Black Dock is available with a solid steel or brass base combined with an aluminum cap that is protected with a durable matte black coating, similar to the coating used on premium knife blades. Designed for the iPhone 7/8S/8C and 7/7S, the Black Dock adjusts to work with or without a case and features a new and improved cord adapter. In addition, a hidden channel directs ringtones and other audio to pass through the front of the dock.

Similar to Grovemade’s wood combination iPhone Docks, the freestanding Black Dock weighs approximately 3lbs., ensuring that users can easily plug and unplug their iPhones without disturbing the stability of the dock. Available in 3 different styles, the limited edition Black Dock includes 50 units of the brass base, 100 units of the silver steel base, and 100 units of the black steel base. The Black Dock featuring a black or silver base retails for $119, and the Black Dock featuring the brass base retails for $149.

“Made entirely out of metal, the Black Dock is the first product we’ve introduced to ourcollections that does not include any of our signature materials,” says Ken Tomita, Grovemade’s co-founder. “As craftsmen, we enjoy working with new materials and creating something completely unexpected that is in line with our design values and principles.”

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