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Going Formal in Style: How to Choose Button Down Shirts

When the calling is formal, button down shirts is your assured heeding. They allow you to artfully imbue your tastes in fashion while conforming to preset style and dress codes at your workplace. But a dress shirt that is tastefully chosen does so much more than just that. It’s an extension of your personality – if you so make it out to be – and it can convey your mood, your image and your look in sheer style. Don’t just think that these shirts are merely for adhering to company policy. Instead, learn how to decide upon the ideal one that augments your look and adds some charm to your fashion getup.

Outline Your Face With Your Collar: A common mistake made when choosing dress shirts is that people forget to pair the collar with the shape of their face. Doing so can help you find a better fitting shirt that more evenly shapes your face. For narrow faces, look for pointed collars. For fuller faces, seek out spread collars that will be wider in fit.

Colors Deliver Personality: Don’t be boring with your dress shirt. Rather, be creative and colorful. Choose colors that best fit your personality. If you stock up your wardrobe with a variety of different colors and patterns, you can more accordingly dress to the state of your mood each day, something that allows you to reflect your personality through formal attire.

The Tie Literally Can Tie Everything Together: It’s not just about the shirt that you choose or how you wear it, but also how you tie everything together. When shopping for ties to accent any shirt, be mindful of the colors and patterns. When wearing patterned shirts, for example, opt for solid colored ties that won’t conflict with the patterns. When wearing solid colored shirts, seek out patterned ties to better contrast with the solid colors.

The Fabric and Ply Count Matters: With mass produced shirts, you will notice that they can feel starchy and stiff, and, well, cheap. With designer dress shirts, however, you will notice that they are comfortable and more permitting. Always check the ply count on the shirts that you are considering; they should feature double ply, a sure sign of high quality.

The Cut of the Shirt is Important: For the best results when shopping for a dress shirt, be sure to consider the fitted shirt. That’s because the fitted shirt will drape better around your body, leave plenty of neck room when wearing a tie (so you can breathe more easily), and will not be too loose around the wrists, the waist or the bottom of the backside. You can also consider having fitted shirts custom fitted by your local tailor to achieve the ultimate fit in a dress shirt.

Seek Quality Buttons: When examining buttons, look for signs of hand stitching, which are telling of the quality of any shirt. Furthermore, seek out quality buttons that are not just constructed from cheap plastic. Many designer shirts these days feature very fancy buttons, which can help you more easily identify the most premium brands.

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