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How GoBank Can Help you Stay Financially Fresh

Isn’t it about time your smart phone did more than play music and games? If it’s really so smart, then why isn’t it balancing your checkbooks? Well, now that GoBank has recently launched their nontraditional bank App, your smart phone can become your own personal accountant and adviser, freeing up more of your precious time. As the first bank account specifically designed for your mobile device, GoBank wants to let members, or “GoBankers” take banking back into their own hands. Don’t worry, all your deposits are insured by the FDIC, and are just like a traditional bank account, but on your phone; with some neat perks thrown in for good measure. Like monthly memberships starting from $0-9 — or as we like to call it, freed from banking!

Introducing the New Way to GoBank

Your nearest bank branch? It’s in your pocket. Scan and deposit checks in an instant using our slick mobile app. GoBank has a network of more than 40,000 free ATMs (translation: It’s HUGE). Pay rent, any bill or even a friend with our Online Checkbook. They’ll mail the check for free. They’re not fans of surprises, so they promise never to profit from checkbook slip-ups. That means no overdraft fees. Quickly send money to friends, family and even the dog groomer. Notify them via email or text. The choice is now with you!

GoBank is perfecting for storing cash and budgeting for hanging out with the guys. GoBank’s person-to-person payment feature allows you to send money instantly to pay back a friend post-beers or burgers. Keep your finances in check with GoBank, so you can stay in the black by sending alerts when bills are due and the Fortune Teller feature can help you decide whether a purchase is a good idea.

What We Liked:

  • Customer-friendly fee structure
  • No overdraft fees
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Pay What You Want monthly fee
  • Instant access and updates

GoBank Tipping Feature and Free Monthly Membership

Compared with the industry average monthly fee of $6/mo, GoBank’s main source of revenue is through social interchange (every time members swipe their cards) so the monthly membership amount serves more as a “tip.” GoBanker’s decide if they will pay a $0 monthly fee up to $9 (kind of like how Radiohead launched their album on good faith), letting you choose when to live the high life.  All person to person payments are free, and you can send money money instantly to anyone (even if they don’t use GoBank). There are also unlimited and immediate funds transfer from “Money Vault” (savings) to checking account, and free debit card transactions. 

Or design a custom Visa®Debit Card for your GoBank account. Make it personal using your own photo – even one from Facebook. The custom card costs $9. GoBank’s standard card is free. 

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