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Go for Gold with Basil Hayden’s Bourbon

The Opening Ceremony for the XXII Olympic Winter Games is finally here, and after many weeks of waiting to celebrate your favorite athletes and events from all over the world, it’s time to raise a toast to those you hope will win the Gold.

Celebrate the Opening Ceremony in Sochi with a cocktail from Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon that will bring out your American spirit, no matter if you prefer figure skating, skiing, snowboarding, or love the drama of curling! Basil Hayden’s® American Gold is perfect to serve at an Opening Ceremony celebration or to sip while you cheer on your favorite athletes.

Basil Hayden’s® American Gold

Created by Rob Floyd, Los Angeles

Go for Gold with Basil Hayden’s Bourbon


  • 2 parts Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon
  • 3/4 parts Cranberry Juice
  • 3/4 parts Lime Juice
  • 1/2 part Simple Syrup
  • 1 pinch Edible Gold Dust


1.  Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and shake.
2.  Strain into a martini glass.
3.  Garnish with two raspberries and one blueberry on a toothpick.

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