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Gillette TREO is the First Ever Razor Designed for Assisted Shaving

For millions of Americans, personal grooming – including shaving – is an important aspect of their care routine. However, of the thousands of razors engineered through the centuries, all were created for self-shaving only, making assisted shaving by professional and personal caregivers a tricky, time-consuming, and often messy process.

This unmet need is what inspired Gillette to embark on an R&D journey to understand the precise differences between shaving yourself vs. shaving someone else. Gillette TREO offers an easier, safer, and more comfortable shave for anyone who, for whatever reason, is unable to shave themselves. This easily disposable and clog-free blade features a paintbrush-like divot handle and 96% water-based gel built in.

The Making of Gillette’s New Assisted Shaving Razor TREO


In the past 100 years, over 4,000 razors have been designed to shave yourself. There have been 0 designed with the intent to shave someone else. Until now. Gillette introduces the first razor designed for assisted shaving. Learn more about the Gillette TREO Razor and request a free sample (see Terms and Conditions on website):

To celebrate this innovation, Gillette TREO launched a co-creation pilot program, which includes partnerships with professional caregiving homes for mass trialing. Consumers across the U.S. and UK are also invited to try the razor in their own journey.All Gillette asks is that after your experience, and at the conclusion of the pilot in December, you provide your first-hand experience at This feedback will play a direct role in the further refinement of the product design and experience. Now is your chance to directly impact the lives of millions of men and help them regain their dignity.

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