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Get Tailgate Ready: Tips to Make Your Car Ready for the Big Game

An estimated $35 billion is spent on tailgating annually, proving that you can’t take the tailgater out of the football fan. As college and professional football starts up, the experts at have put together DIY tips and ideas for tailgaters to have a memorable football season replete with on-the-go extra fire power, accessorized sound, handy cargo carriers and game-day blenders.

Football fans are serious about their tailgating fun. A recent poll revealed that 42% of tailgaters spend over $500 a season on food and other supplies, and the majority of that food is prepared right at the stadium. 2

“With fans spending so much time and money on their pre-game celebrations, it makes sense to focus some of that on preparing their tailgating vehicle,” said Shane Evangelist, CEO of “We’ve put together some pre-game tips to ensure a great season-from the best way to tote your tailgating cargo to tips for ensuring everyone’s smartphones stay juiced up throughout the game.”

Extra Juice

With everyone tweeting, Facebooking and otherwise glued to their smartphones before, during and after the game, you will definitely need more juice to keep the party rolling. A power inverter, an electronic device that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) can charge multiple devices and even run your big screen, satellite receiver, blender and crock pot without stranding you with a dead battery for the post-game show.

DIY: Connect it to the car battery and then plug AC appliance into the outlets in the inverter – some inverters allow you to charge them from the battery then disconnect them and continue using the appliances until the charge runs down. It takes roughly 1-2 hours to charge the inventor off the car battery. Prices range depending on wattage and average $100-$150.

Hitch& Cargo Carrier

If you are throwing a big tailgate event you will need additional capacity to haul your stuff. With a quality hitch and a cargo carrier you can bring just about everything, including your BBQ or smoker, port-a-potty, tables, chairs, linen and fine china if that’s your style.

This is an easy DIY, just bolt the hitch to the rear of the vehicle and slide the carrier in. Make sure that whatever you’re towing doesn’t obstruct your brake lights or turn signals. Widely available online, cargo carriers range in size and shape depending on how much you want to haul and range in price anywhere from $50 to several hundred.

Auxiliary Speakers

Listening to commentary before kickoff enhances the tailgating experience. So, whether you’re listening to the radio or you’ve packed a media center, you’re sure to be competing with a loud crowd! Make sure you and your crew can hear over the din of the noise. Wireless speakers are portable and can be pre-charged for up to 10 hours and used with your favorite device. There are lots of options and typical prices can range from $50 – $250.

Portable Air

Don’t get caught out with a flat tire after the big game, come prepared with an air compressor (plus you can quickly inflate any portable seating or wacky hats your friends bring along.) Simple and safe to use, just install it through your car’s cigarette lighter, plus a basic air compressor can be picked up for under $35.

Game Day Blenders

Blend up your favorite Margarita or a healthy smoothie using a gas or cigarette-lighter-powered blender that will keep you popular with the all the fans. Gas blenders are lightweight, portable and fire up with a self-contained 24 cc two-stroke 2 ¼ hp engine, ranging in price from $300-$400+. Cigarette-lighter-powered blenders, specially designed for tailgaters can be found for $60 to $100+.

Satellite Antennas

Cable carriers offer portable satellite antennas that will find the signal wherever you are. Bring your receiver from home, plug in the antenna and your TV and start watching the game wherever you are. Great if the party runs into kickoff time!

Cargo Mats

Chips, dips, cold beverages and brats can tear up your interior (and your cars too)! Protect your interior from all the spills and mess with a Cargo Mat that resists anything your friends can throw at you and can be easily removed and hosed off when the party ends.

Tailgate Toolbox

Make your own “Tailgate Toolbox” with all the essentials to keep the party going, including extra USB cables, jumper cables, cigarette lighter adapter, flat tire aerosol inflator, wrench, screwdriver, hammer…the basics to ensure a memorable and safe tailgating experience.


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