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How To Get a Flawless Shave Head

Many men opt for the shave head look. Whether you’re balding or just going for a look that is always in style, here are some tips on how to get a flawless and clean shaved head.

Step 1: Trimming
The first thing you will want to do once you decide to keep a shave head is to purchase a good quality trimmer. This usually costs under $100, and will last for years. Set the trimmer on the shortest setting possible, and remove the guard if needed. Beginning at the nape of your neck, guide the trimmer over your scalp to the front of your head. Make sure you trim your neck, sideburns, and around your ears as well. You will want to trim your hair as short until it is stubble. There is no need to attempt a perfectly even cut, just a short one. After you have trimmed, run your hands over your head to check for any spots you missed and trim as needed.

Step 2: Prepping
You will want to make sure your hair is soft prior to shaving. To do this, stand in the shower and get your hair as wet as possible with the water being as hot as you can tolerate it. You can also wet a towel with warm water, wring it, and then wrap it on your head for a couple of minutes. This will prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Step 3: Shaving
Once you have softened your hair it is time to begin shaving. Liberally apply shaving gel to your head and allow it to penetrate for a few moments. Place the blade of your razor against your scalp and shave in the direction of hair growth, starting with the softest and lightest hair first. Take your time and use even and slow strokes with the razor. To avoid irritation and nicks, pass over your scalp only once. Rinse your blade in between passes to remove hair and shave gel. Once you have finished shaving, wipe your head with a cool towel to remove excess hair and shaving gel. You will want to apply lotions that contain Aloe and Vitamin E. to your fresh shave head to prevent irritation and to protect the newly exposed skin. You can also use after-shave products, but avoid ones that contain alcohol. While going outdoors, apply a SPF15 based moisturizer to your head.