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Handmade The Hard Way – The Legacy of George Dickel Tennessee Whisky

Whisky is a timeless gift that’s always well received, but sadly the true spirit of the tradition has fallen out of sorts lately. It used to represent a vitality, a passion for our life and earnest. Hand made the hard way. Now that’s a statement to live up to. It’s for those who wake up every morning to grind another day. The artists who chomp away at the bit to succeed. In fact, it’s none to similar to Male Standard’s motto of ‘become the best version of yourself,’ but with added grit. That’s why we were super excited when the Master Distillers at George Dickel Tennessee Whisky offered up a limited edition handcrafted bottle of their new Barrel Select whisky to giveaway.

Handmade The Hard Way – The Legacy of George Dickel Tennessee Whisky

Immediately, we knew who would be receiving this amazing token of appreciation; someone who has shown incredible perseverance and dedication to their core values and commitment over the years, and who bestows the same family and work ethics as the late, great Mr George Dickel himself. Stay tuned to find out why we dedicated this luxe bottle to one lucky Male Standard reader, and how you can recreate this special moment at home!

Introducing the Token Of Appreciation

How many times have you found yourself in a gas station, on the way to a last minute get together, staring into the dusty shelves wondering what would pass as a token of appreciation? Yes, gifting liquor has become a lazy man’s go to, but here at Male Standard, we want to change all that and return this age old tradition to it’s former and most righteous glory. Whisky is, after all, a gift for those who appreciate life, and that sentiment should never be given lightly. At George Dickel, their new Barrel Select label has been handcrafted and aged ten to twelve years in small batches for an incredibly smooth, aromatic finish. Only 10 barrels were hand-selected by Master Distiller John Lunn for retail. That’s not something easily found on a shelf, nor should it be.

Handmade The Hard Way – The Legacy of George Dickel Tennessee Whisky

You see, a gift of whisky should speak bountifully from the heart. It should capture a moment, and literally bottle its essence. George Dickel offers all of this, plus a perfectly balanced, rich and silky taste with hints of vanilla, spice and charcoal. Delicious. When you give this striking gift, rest assured that the receiver knows just how special they are. From its decorative glass bottle, to sweet amber nectar, this blend can only be created by hand, using a lengthy and traditional ageing process. That’s what transforms this from a bottle of liquor into a treasured gift that’ll be appreciated time and again. It’s all about the thought that goes into your gift, and this label has twelve years to back it up and says it all, without you having to!

Our George Dickel Show Of Appreciation 

Much like the legacy of George Dickel, Ha Nguyen is a man of ambition. Even from his early days, Ha helped his father after school and on weekends on construction jobs. He spent hours hanging drywall, hammering nails and anything else needed to bring food to his families table. This focus pushed him to graduate as an architect and launch his own design and construction firm. Fast forward 20 years, and Ha is proud to reveal he recently helped his father quit his day job. Ha started his company with a vision of creating a community through the traditional family values his father raised him on. Just like George Dickel, Ha was taught the delicate balance of setting a goal and the hard work needed to follow through.

Handmade The Hard Way – The Legacy of George Dickel Tennessee Whisky

Male Standard was honoured to gift our dear friend, Ha Nguyen, with a premium bottle of George Dickel Select Whisky. This limited edition bottle started its journey at the same time as Ha, decades ago, and worked earnestly and tirelessly to become the label it is today. We believe every man has what it takes to go the extra mile, and Ha is no exception. His dedication to his family, his business, and his employees has been an incredible journey to behold. We’re all incredibly proud of Ha and his accomplishments both on and off the office clock. We know that Ha’s family are equally proud, and will certainly be raising a toast to him this holiday season. Our thanks go to George Dickel for helping us celebrate Ha’s accomplishments ceremoniously!

We hope that Ha has inspired you to pursue a goal and turn it into a dream come true. Join in with the holiday spirit by gifting someone special. Be sure to leave a comment of dedication below letting us know who you’re shining the spotlight on, for all the world to see your token of appreciation!

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