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Garlic Gold® Condiments Go For Gold When Grilling

Garlic Gold is a locally made, handcrafted, artisanal, gourmet garlic food line that you’ll always want to have a spot for in your kitchen cabinet. Made from two of the original super foods, Organic Garlic and Extra Virgin Olive oil, their crunchy flavored nuggets, oils, spreads and vinaigrettes, are the perfect condiment(s) to sprinkle or drizzle onto your food! For those “grill masters” out there, Garlic Gold not only offers a tasty twist to the food being prepared, but will make your taste buds burst whether used to sauté, roast, scramble, or simply shake on your favorite treats!

Photo Credit: Garlic Gold

Aside from health benefits, one of the best things about Garlic Gold is that kids love it. There is no better way to get kids to eat their vegetables; just sprinkle some Garlic Gold on it and watch what happens – guaranteed to turn “Yuck” into “Wow. “Find and own your only little piece of Garlic Gold and turn any meal into a guest-pleasing culinary adventure.

How Do I Use Garlic Gold® Condiments?

1) Shake Garlic Gold® nuggets onto all of your favorite foods: salads, soups, pizza, pastas, fish, chicken, beef, etc.

2) Use Garlic Gold® Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette for an intense bread-dipping experience; it’s fantastic on capers and chopped salads!

3) Using Garlic Gold® Oil, pan-sear or stir fry your favorite fresh seafood, tender cuts of meat, or boneless, skinless chicken breasts for an incredible taste treat.

4) For easy party appetizers, marinate sliced mushrooms, olives, mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes in Garlic Gold® Oil. Add Garlic Gold® Nuggets if you like.

5) Use Garlic Gold® Oil in your favorite roast recipe instead of butter for an earthy, savory tasting holiday turkey, roast beef or ham.

6) Brush Garlic Gold® on your favorite winter squash, mixing with equal parts maple syrup and sea salt to taste, then roast or grill.

You can also use any of our Garlic Gold® Vinaigrettes for dipping your sandwich in (especially if you’re eating high-fiber bread) to help add moisture and flavor!

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