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Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Unstyled #AXEwithfriends #Ad

You might be the prankster looking for a couple of laughs at the Ugly Sweater Party, but make no mistake, the holidays are not the time to let your sense of personal style slip. Did you know more couples hook up during the holidays than any other time of year? It’s true! From office shindigs to college mixers, the holiday season is filled with festive cheer and those depending on you to play Wingman or vice versa. December also boasts the highest number of engagements, making now the time to unite in style solidarity as potential groomsmen. You never know where a camera will be lurking to capture the moment!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Unstyled #AXEwithfriends #Ad

Speaking of which, there’s a strong chance you’re going to end up on Instagram for all the world to see. While you might have perfected the art of the selfie it’s wise to note that everyone turns into a budding photographer this time of year. Making sure your style game is on-point means reducing the risk of leaving an online footprint back to an embarrassing memory. To help get you in the festive mood, Male Standard teamed up with AXE Hair at Walmart to show you how to celebrate the holidays in style. Plus, we’ve an awesome giveaway to help you and your friends get into the seasonal swing — check it out!

How to Instagram In Style

Instagram is one of the hottest style platforms online and for good reason. If you can work the scene into an entertaining square, use a filter or three, and know how to tag your friends, you can make a big impression. Instagram celebrities are popping up across the nation and are leading the forefront of fashion. Instagram is also a fab place to find new ideas and style inspiration, but it can also be nerve-wracking making your debut. To help get you started, we put together our top tips on how to create flawless group shots with you and your friends. Keep reading to find out how to use these photos to score awesome prizes.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Unstyled #AXEwithfriends #Ad

Below are some handy tips you can use to step up your a-game:

  • Setting The Scene: We couldn’t agree more with AXE that ‘friends don’t let friends go unstyled.’ If you always step out looking your best and are snapped with your buddies looking like their on half-time, eyebrows will be raised. She wants to know you mingle with your equals, so sharpen up your friends ‘do before you leave the house. Lending some AXE gel goes a long way in creating a bigger, more impressionable picture and most photos only capture above the shoulders.
  • Choosing the Right Filter: Instagram is all about the filters, and choosing one that compliments you look is easy thanks to AXE Hair. If you’re the messy look then go with a filter that reflects your casual style like Sutro. If you’re more sophisticated, X-Pro II will show off your sleek, shiny ‘do. Either way take a headcount and see what style everyone is going for before snapping the pic. This will help co-ordinate the team and answer any what filter to use questions.
  • Tagging Your Friends: To get the most out of Instagram, tag your friends and have them tag you back to encourage social sharing and introductions. You never know who’s watching their feed that might want to be interested in you! Plus, you can tag #Walmart and #AXEwithfriends for a chance to win an awesome next-gen gaming console. So even if you’re happily on romantic lockdown, you can share in the festive fun!

Win a Next-Gen Gaming Console Prize Pack

What You Have To Do:

Simply post a stylish group photo of you and your friends on Instagram with the hashtags #AXEwithfriends and #Walmart, then submit the photo URL link here to order to enter in for a chance to win an exclusive gift pack from AXE this holiday season!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Unstyled #AXEwithfriends #Ad

One winner will be selected each week through 12/31/2014 to receive a Next-Gen Gaming Console complete with exclusive game bundle, accessories and a $100 gift card to flaunt their style with (approximate bundle value: $549).

How To Get Your Instagram Photo URL:

On The Web:

1. Login to your account at

2. Click your profile name at the top right corner then select the photo you want to submit

3. Copy the URL in the address bar

4. Then paste the URL link into the entry form here

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Unstyled #AXEwithfriends #Ad

On Your Phone:

1. Open the Instagram app and find the photo you want to submit

2. Click the icon with the 3 dots in the bottom right-hand corner

3. Select “Share” then “Copy

4. Then paste the link into the entry form here

There you go, gents! That’s all there is to it. So why not show us how you’re making every moment count this holiday season by sharing photos of you and your buddies looking your best? There’s nothing to lose, but everything to gain, so go for it! 

*Thank you to Lunchbox for sponsoring this giveaway – Male Standard appreciates your support!