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Review For Real Men: Coffee That Gives You More than Just a Buzz

It’s a fact that guys will try just about anything to stimulate themselves and gain that competitive edge. But while there are tons of “all natural” pick-me-ups on the market that promise long-lasting results and enhanced performance, why not experience those same great results just from drinking your morning cup of coffee? FOCUS is not your average cup of Joe. This coffee not only stimulates and energizes, it’s made with a fast-acting Ginseng extract Cereboost® that is clinically proven to improve performance through enhanced concentration and short and long-term memory gains. Plus, it tastes delicious. You get the same or higher quality as your local craft coffee shop due to their quality blends, and all from the convenience of home. See, you’re saving time already! Treat yourself to just one cup a day to feel more focused and refreshed. Check more items off of your to-do list. Get great coffee. It’s that simple.

Introducing FOCUS

FOCUS is one of three signature Coffee Blenders that boasts a daily dose of Cereboost®, an all-natural, fast-acting ingredient that’s clinically proven to improve concentration and memory. You wouldn’t know this from the taste, which is a dark, aromatic roast perfect for morning coffee fans; you get the same great or better with this scrumptious home brew. The Coffee Blenders Focus Single Serve Cups for Keurig K-Cup are individually wrapped for freshness, and are a great companion for Kuerig or similar models. They can also be used with traditional French Presses. There’s no acidic aftertaste, and we were delighted to find that the Cereboost® really does give you a natural kick up the day, without any jitters. You just get noticeable results, and a strong desire to move swiftly on with your next meeting. The results are as smooth as the taste, and last you into the early afternoon, so no need to refuel.

Coffee Blenders Focus Single Serve Cups for Keurig K-Cup

The other flavors in the range include ESCAPE and LEAN, which are used to promote wellness and supplementing weight loss respectfully. ESCAPE is rather an anti-coffee, as it helps to quieten the mind, and is perfect for coffee-aholics who like to drink long into the day. LEAN features a green-bean coffee extract that naturally aids in weight loss, and as with all Coffee Blender products, are all natural and well researched. Each contains unique supplements to support the big flavors on offer.

The Male Standard Verdict

If the Lean and Escape blends are as delicious as the FOCUS, then consider Male Standard well and truly hooked. With any enhanced performance drink, we’re dubious as to the taste. It’s no secret that added synthetic caffeine leaves a distinctive aftertaste. Thankfully, as Coffee Blenders are natural blends, you get the same great taste as your regular cup of Joe, or perhaps even better. The rich, bold aromatic blend is delicious due to its 100% Arabica signature blend, Coffee Blenders Lean is cultivated from the top 1% of the world’s finest beans and rated as a 5-star Premium Gourmet Specialty. It’s handpicked and micro-roasted in small batches, then packaged within hours to guarantee freshness and rich, full-bodied flavor with every sip. We also didn’t get any weird jittery vibes, just clear days with lots of productivities, making this a strong do try from us. Yum!

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