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FMGEM Multimedia Search Engine And Social Playlist Service Seamlessly Integrates Content Found Online

November 13, 2013, MultiTask123, a developer of integrated web applications, today unveiled FMGEM, its FREE music and video streaming service. FMGEM introduces a revolutionary suite of integrated features empowering users to search, stream, share, mix, nominate, vote and discuss content from YouTube, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, Vimeo and The Aol On Network. Currently in PRIVATE BETA and by invitation only, FMGEM has seamlessly integrated a cutting edge user interface (UI) with streaming content from today’s biggest multimedia players into a social playlist service that has been more than two years in the making. Launching today on Indiegogo to garner support for the development of an accompanying mobile app and continued R&D, FMGEM provides a compelling vision of the future of streaming music and video. 

 The FMGEM platform, which features a powerful and highly intuitive user interface, revolutionizes the way people listen to music, watch videos and discover great content in three distinct yet complementary ways:

Unmatched Power To Integrate Content From The Largest Media Sites in the World

  • Tapping into public APIs from the biggest names in multimedia, FMGEM delivers integrated access under one umbrella combining a slick search engine with an intuitive UI
  • Seamless access to YouTube, SoundCloud, DailyMotion and Vimeo user channels included in FMGEM search results empowers organic discovery of complementary content

Playlist-Centric UI Features Include Drag & Drop, Powerful Filters, and Playlist Cloning 

  • Easily create, discover and share playlists
  • Playlist queue filters allows users to easily create subsets of content that can be played, saved, deleted or shared
  • Powerful cloud-based playlist library featuring thumbnails, track count, duration, sorting, filtering and sharing options
  • integration converts any album into a YouTube playlist
  • YouTube Radio Mode: Turn any video into a streaming radio station in one click
  • Share both single tracks and entire playlists on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Reddit


Community Driven Feeds For Discovering Great Music, Videos And Playlists

  • Real-time video and playlist feeds enable users to discover new content streamed by the FMGEM Community
  • Only FMGEM features “The Gemmies,” a real-time “front page” featuring the most upvoted content by the FMGEM community. The Gemmies is a unique content discovery paradigm enabling users to socially congregate around trending content
  • View FMGEM users’ profiles including their playlists, favorites and followed Gemsters
  • Easily “swipe/clone” playlists and favorites from other FMGEM users

“FMGEM is a unique multimedia search engine and social playlist service jam packed with the perfect blend of integrated features that modern music and video lovers crave,” said Len Blumenthal, creator of FMGEM.  “FMGEM boasts powerful features that let you easily ‘own’ the zillions of videos and tracks available on the largest media sites in the world.  To quote one of my users, ‘FMGEM is a real game-changer.’” Blumenthal continued: “I’m confident that anyone who spends just a couple of minutes on the site will quickly grasp the breadth, depth and attention to detail that has gone into the web app over the past couple of years, and we are looking to backers on Indiegogo to help us add the finishing touches to our platform, and bring this exciting new service to market and share in our success.”


Indiegogo Details and Availability

FMGEM’s Indiegogo offering is now available at: FMGEM is seeking support to complete the development of iOS and Android mobile apps as well as continued development of social features. Currently the only way to access FMGEM and participate in the PRIVATE BETA program is to contribute to its Indiegogo campaign.  For a $10 pledge, contributors will receive full-featured, PRIVATE BETA ACCESS within 48 hours. Additional rewards are available for larger contributions and include premium membership bundles, branded headphones, baseball hats, t-shirts and leather laptop bags.


About MultiTask123, LLC

Founded in 2009, MultiTask123 is a web development company whose mission is to develop integrated, cutting-edge web and mobile apps. MultiTask123’s flagship application is FMGEM, a multimedia search engine and social playlist service integrating content from YouTube, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, Vimeo and The Aol On Network.

For more information, visit or follow @fmgem on Twitter.