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Five Grooming Products I Never Travel Without

It should come as little surprise that Thanksgiving is the biggest travel inducing holiday of the year; with more of us living further afield, making an effort to spend time with loved ones is both important and necessary. For many people, Thanksgiving means hopping in the car or on a plane, and that my friends, can be a stressful prospect. In fact, a whopping 54% of Americans opt to travel during Thanksgiving versus 23% at Christmas and New Year combined. That’s a huge difference!

If you plan to vacate this holiday season, now is the time to get a game plan together. From organizing transport, festivities, and family, it can be easy to overlook the essentials. That’s why I created my top five failsafe items I always travel with so you don’t leave home empty handed. If in doubt, grab these before you head out the door and you won’t go wrong. After all, you don’t want to fall back on using your aunt’s deodorant now, would you?

An Excellent but Disposable Razor

The first thing I reach for when packing a weekend travel back is a disposable razor. I used to travel with the razor I use daily, but this presented a few problems. First, it is costly to replace a lost or damaged razor, especially if you use an electric razor. Secondly, an open razor can slice and dice your luggage; how often do you really keep the blade covered after use? Instead, I prefer to buy a quality disposable razor that will give me a few solid shaves on the road, and that can be trashed when I get home.

3-IN-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash

Travelling can quickly build up dirt and grime, so it’s important to have a hardworking shower wash on hand, and not depend on hotel samples. I love the American Crew 3-IN-1 Tea Tree – an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and body wash – because it eliminates the need to pack multiple items; the less I can pack, the less I have to worry about losing. It leaves the hair conditioned, shiny and soft, and provides a refreshing fragrance.

A Moisturizing Shave Cream

One thing I can’t live without when traveling is quality skin care with hydration. Shaving dries out the skin and depending on where you travel, a change in water can trigger dry skin. I always pack a shave cream that contains oil to make sure I get round the clock protection against razor burn and dry skin. I find that if I use a quality shave cream, I can forfeit my usual skincare routine in a pinch. Look for shave creams that have added oils and vitamins for the best protection.

A Professional Grade Styling Gel

When traveling my usual routine goes out the window, and I want a styling gel that can last the distance and also be restyled throughout the day. Luckily for me, American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel offers both of these benefits and more. This is a strong hold gel that distributes easily through hair, providing a high shine result for a sleek style with minimal effort.

A Day-to-Night Cologne

The last essential item I pack is a cologne. I look for fragrances that can be worn day and night and that have a substantial staying power. Cologne makes me feel presentable, especially if I get delayed. Avoid evening fragrances that can overwhelm. As you are likely to be spending time in close proximity with family and friends, less is more. This holiday season, look for wood based cologne for a festive and fall appropriate undertone.

How are you spending your holiday season? Leave a comment below and let me know what you plan to take with you! Don’t forget too; you can also get expert grooming tips from my friends at American Crew by following them @AmericanCrew or by visiting


Disclaimer: Thank you to American Crew for sponsoring this post; all opinions are 100% my own.