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How to Solve Five Embarrassing Body Issues No One Wants To Talk About!

Human bodies are remarkable machines but they can also look, sound and smell funny. Men have become artisans at making comedy out of bodily functions and flaccid beer bellies, but not all embarrassing body issues are up for grabs. According to Toronto-based dermatologist Dr. Julia Carroll of Compass Dermatology, some conditions are inherited, while others like warts and nail fungus can be caused by damage to the skin. Yet men who have to deal with these conditions may not always feel so comfortable in their own skin. If you’ve ignored a mortifying body issue because you’re a too self-conscious to talk about it, you’re not alone. From excess hair to hemorrhoids and stinky feet, we’re talking about some of the most embarrassing conditions.

A zit before a big date is one thing, but Carroll says some people might not feel comfortable getting naked in front of another person at all. And for others, it can get worse. One 2010 study found that people with chronic skin disorders were also often depressed and had suicidal thoughts, while adults with acne had a higher chance of being unemployed, according to Psychology Today. Most of these included examples, like farting, are completely natural and most people experience them. “I would say none of these are killers. Some of these conditions that are ignored can make it more difficult for us to treat them,” she says, adding that if you are ever worried about a condition, you should see your doctor first.

Five Embarrassing Body Problems in Men

#1 – Unwanted Hair

We love it on our heads, but hate it just about everywhere else! Hair growing in undesirable places, like between your eyebrows or under your arms isn’t uncommon. Luckily, there are many options available to remove unwanted hair—shaving or trimming is the least expensive, but you can also try waxing, depilatories and laser hair removal.

#2 – Hemorrhoids

Reluctant to discuss that pain “back there?” You can rest easy—many times, discomfort from hemorrhoids may be helped with very simple steps such as dietary changes and topical creams. Reach for RectiCare® (Lidocaine 5%) Anorectal Cream, a topical, local anesthetic which contains the highest non-prescription lidocaine strength available. It works quickly to relieve the pain, itching and burning associated with hemorrhoids and other anorectal disorders. $29.99 at Walgreens and Rite Aid locations.

#3 – Back Acne and Butt Pimples


If worrying about the pimples on your face isn’t enough, what about when it turns up on your back and butt? Blemishes on your backside are a total bummer, but you can actually use the same acne treatments that you use on your face. Look for products that contain dermatologist recommended acne fighting ingredients, such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

#4 – Unsightly Bruises

Ouch—as if the pain wasn’t enough! Now you have to deal with the ugly bruise on your body. Or maybe bruises show up and you don’t even remember hurting yourself. Luckily for you and your “black & blue” body, DerMend® Moisturizing Bruise Formula can help to improve the appearance of bruised skin. Formulated with ingredients such as ceramides, retinol, arnica oil and glycolic acid, this unique non-irritating cream absorbs easily into the skin and won’t stain clothing! $29.99 at CVS locations and online at

#5 – Extreme Foot Odor

Nothing ruins date night or a good pair of shoes like an extreme case of stinky feet! Heat and sweat create the perfect environment for bacteria, which is what causes the odor. Wash your tootsies frequently with antibacterial soap and let your feet breathe as much as possible.

Leave a comment below and let us know if you have any embarrassing body problems to add to the list!