Men's Style

Five Bold New Fashion Trends To Mix Up Your Weekend Wardrobe

With 2014 at hand, now is the time to look at some of the boldest new trends in men’s fashion. If you’re not typically an adventurous dresser, this could be your year to take some chances with your wardrobe. Following the worldwide trends sometimes means being ahead of the trend in your own area, so be one of the first people you know to jump on the bandwagon for these fresh new looks and earn your reputation as the best dresser around!

1. Floral Prints

Flower patterns on clothing aren’t just for women anymore. The hottest new trend in Europe is floral-printed jackets, shirts, and even pants, although that one might not catch on as fast. It’s an attention-grabbing look that tells people you’re secure in your masculinity and don’t mind embracing your more sensitive side. Designer shirt websites like Reem Clothing are sure to see an influx of floral shirts requested, so keep an eye out at your favorite stores.

2. Capes

Capes are becoming more and more popular, a good alternative to a trench coat or denim jacket. The nicest thing about them is how versatile they are – a cape can look either formal or casual, depending on what you pair it with. Plus, what man doesn’t want to wear something that makes him feel like a superhero?

3. White Suits

The Saturday Night Fever look is back! Head-to-toe white outfits are making the rounds in the world of men’s fashion. This is the best way to look fresh and cool this summer, though we’d suggest you practice eating carefully now – wouldn’t want to spill anything while wearing this!

4. Slim Slacks

The skinny jeans were just the start. Slim, ’60s-style slacks are the new look, especially when paired with larger or bulkier tops. Baggy pants are a thing of the past. This year, spend a little extra time getting those legs into shape so you can show them off in your more form-fitting pants.

5. Double-Breasted Blazers

This style is fresh from the world of European fashion as well, bringing that touch of elegance you need to class up your look. Blazers are always a good way to give you an extra edge, and the double-breasted look will definitely make you stand out as one of the best dressed in a crowd.

These are just a few of the styles predicted to be big this year, and they’d all be a great addition your weekend wardrobe. This Friday night, shake it up, grab some of these items, and go out on the town in style. Everyone loves a snappy dresser. It’s a great way to show off your personality while looking incredible!