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Fire and Ice: The 2015 Nike Basketball Christmas Collection

Today’s ballers light up the floor—literally. To go with their spin moves, they wear dazzling sneaks. This Christmas, four of the game’s stars are represented in Nike’s Christmas Collection.

LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Kyrie Irving all have signature shoes in the line.

LeBron 13

Futuristic, white with blue trim and speckles, the LeBron 13, are meant to make one think of icy winters. The number 13 appears on the heel.


Durant’s shoe, the KD8, isn’t exactly subtle. The Nike swish is hot pink, and black pebbles adorn the trim along the bottom. We’re told that’s supposed to be hot coal. We don’t know if these will improve Durant’s already-amazing game, but we know that for you, the best strategy is plenty of gym time.

Kobe X

Lots of black and red on this shoe, with a gold swoosh. On the heel, Mr. Bryant is honored with golden rings—five on each to add up to ten, the number of signature shoes he now has.

Kyrie 2

This blue and white number comes with a zig-zagged embossed graphic and a transparent outsole. Along with the LeBron, it provides the ice in the collection. It’s a lot less pink than the non-Christmas Kyrie 2.
For collectors, fans, or people who just need a new pair of basketball shoes, these make a bold new statement.

They hit stores December 26. Get them at