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Fifty Over Five — 50/5 — Fashion Inspired by Norwegian Black Metal

Fifty Over Five, or 50/5, is leading the trend this spring with their new “Forest Fires” punk-couture collection. Inspired by the highly influential Norwegian Black Metal scene that depicts a uniquely appealing aesthetic, 50/5 commented on their unique take of infusing “black leather with blood against green forest trees” as an essential component of their design process. “When looking at pictures from Mayhem, the band, I see the figures walking with long hair and white skin along the silence of a huge out door space.” It is this kind of innovation that makes 50/5 so deeply layered both visually and apparently in their social commentary.

Photo credit: Fifty Over Five

“The landscape looks cold and cruel; the colors and dark are inviting. I am hoping to take the color pallet, and mood found in these images and infuse them into our apparel line. The subject looks loud in such a quiet environment and yet powerful. The individuals in this movement used their actions not their words to demonstrate their political views. I am taking that aspect of their ideals and letting it influence the line; hoping to make a statement without spelling it out.”

Photo credit: Fifty Over Five
Photo credit: Fifty Over Five

The expression lies in the seams. The patches sewn will be a nod to the individual revolution that is punk.

About Fifty Over 5

50/5 aims to create garments in an ethical environment and whenever possible choose the process that lessons their footprint on earth. The clothes they make impact our customer not our planet. Using half vintage reformed garments and half cut and sew. Our customers feel strong while wearing our minimalistic and edgy clothing and reflect a breathtaking silence that can be worn by brave individuals.

As an artist I relate to contradictory concepts; when notions go against each other. In my pieces you can see sexy next to cute, young verses deep-rooted, dark against light, and sharp alongside soft. The clothing has masculine influences which comes from my strong femininity. While my style is developed, I am forever testing and mastering techniques. This process lies close to me. Fifty Over Five is made up of young creatives and free thinkers.

50/5 is available from Nasty Gal, Fred Segal, Urban Online, Wasteland, American Rag, as well as local skate shops and urban hip hop boutiques and intimate record stores.