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Fashion Tips Inspired By The Waking Dead for the Zombie Apocalypse

It could happen any day now. Recent films like World War Z and shows like The Walking Dead are just trying to warn you. The zombie apocalypse is coming, and you need to be ready! In addition to prepping your doomsday survival kit and zombie fighting weapons, it’s important to furnish your wardrobe with the proper post-apocalypse clothes and accessories. Just because you’ll be fighting the undead doesn’t mean your fashion sense has to die too. Follow these tips to survive – and look good doing it.

Go for Function & Fashion

The Walking Dead | AMC

Once flesh-eaters begin roaming the streets and it becomes too dangerous to go shopping, everyone will be working with limited supplies. That being the case, every item you can hang on to will be precious – including your clothing. Combine function and fashion like Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) from The Walking Dead, shown above in a great poncho. The tribal-patterned piece is extremely stylish, but also efficient, as it can double as a blanket to cover him for warmth and protection at night.

Zombie Attack Hoodie

Another piece of dual purpose outerwear is this zombiefied hooded sweatshirt. The long sleeves and hood are essential for staying warm and covering up as much of your enticing human skin as possible, and the faux ripping and oozing blood décor is fun, fashionable, and completely fitting for the post-apocalypse world.  Maybe the styling will even compel zombies to leave you alone – thinking they have already gotten a taste of you!

Blood Splatter Nikes

In the same vein, these blood-spattered Nikes will be right on trend once zombie Armageddon hits. The gory look is edgy and cool, plus the inevitable bloodstains you will get from zombie attacks will blend right in. These shoes are also practical for survival, as their athletic structure is ideal for running, jumping, and other zombie fighting maneuvers.

Blend In With Chic Neutrals 

One of the life lessons that The Walking Dead has taught us is that it is always essential to stick together in times of hardship.  You are much more likely to survive difficult situations – like a zombie attack – if you work as a team and keep up your strength in numbers. This concept applies to post-apocalyptic fashion as well.  As seen on the show, the survivors all tend to dress in similar, neutral earth tones. None of them stick out in over-showy clothing. This clothing choice helps them unite as a pack and keeps them safer from the walkers. The best part? Neutral-toned clothing is a classic, and always right on trend, no matter the season.

The Walking Dead | AMC

Don’t Forget Your Accessories 

Since every single item on your person could save your life in a zombie battle, your accessories have never been more important. Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) in World War Z does all of his zombie fighting will donning a chic woven cotton scarf. The subtle grey accessory is woven and lightweight, so it can be manipulated in a variety of ways. This piece can be folded, scrunched, and retied for use as a belt, sarong, facemask, and more. Other important accessories are those that can be used to carry your zombie fighting weapons. Backpacks, satchels, or messenger bags are useful pieces that can be personalized to show off your individual style. Ellie and Joel, characters from The Last of Us zombie-survival video game, have a range of packs to choose from based on the player’s style. Each offer very different, but very trendy, choices; take a cue from Ellie and go with an original punk backpack, or follow in Joel’s footsteps with a current military style pack.

Brad Pitt in World War Z

Whatever you do, don’t let the end of a zombie-free existence mean the end of your fashion sense. Follow the above tips and continue to show off your style even as you fight for survival! Do you have any other ideas for staying chic in a post-apocalyptic zombie-run world? Be sure to share them in the comments below.