With fall upon us, it’s time to think about switching up your suit game. This fall, sleek silhouettes and soft shoulders will be the rig de jour. That means ditching suit jackets with boxy shoulder pads (no one should be wearing those outside of the 80’s anyway), and looking for sleek and form fitting suit jackets that accentuate your figure. Don’t be scared to try on a few jackets to find one you like.



The next change you should look for is the color of your suit set. Navy is a classic and strong choice that will last you many seasons, but you can also play into rich burgundy and even purple if you are blessed with ethnic skin. If you are fair skinned you can also work colored suits, just ensure that you pick a dark shade to avoid looking like Anchorman. Matching your shirt and suit shades is a simple way to look stylish.



I predict that accessories will be the biggest trend this fall, with leather gloves and briefcases, woolen scarves, and faux rimmed glasses all being worn as statement pieces. Break conformity and wear more than one accessory to create a sophisticated layered look. Classic touches such as tie pins and napkins will also stay, adding a luxury feel, and never skimp on quality shoes and cotton socks.


2016 Fall Trends for Men Who Wear Suits with Style – Photo credit: Male Standard Model: Victor Macias


As the weather cools, you’ll also see the three-piece suit emerge. This is a fantastic formal look that can also be worn daily depending on the texture you choose. A black three-piece is going to scream elegance or wedding, but a denim three-piece is just the right amount of panache. You can wear a three-piece with or without the jacket for alternating looks.


2016 Fall Trends for Men Who Wear Suits with Style – Photo credit: Male Standard Model: Victor Macias


However you decide to dress, know that style will never go out of fashion. Take inspiration from looks you enjoy and make them your own. When you feel great, you’ll look a million bucks. When all else fails I love a well-tailored suit like this one I’m wearing by ZARA. It has the perfect foundation to build up with different accessories and textures for a timeless addition to your wardrobe.


What fall trends do you foresee in the suit world? Leave a comment below and let me know! Or follow me on Instagram @MaleStandard for more fashion looks.


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