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Fall Back into Fashion with These Tech Inspired Finds

Disclaimer: Thank you to SWISSGEAR for providing compensation and product in return for an honest review; all opinions are 100% my own.

It’s that time of year, gents when summer draws to a close. This always feels like a transitional time of year for me, and when I find myself seeking out big changes. It must be in how the weather changes or how the days become longer, but sometimes I find myself getting restless in anticipation of fall. A quick closet shakedown is often an easy and fun way to get back the thrill of summer.

Twice a year I like to go through my closet and do an itinerary of what I have, what I need, and what staple items are missing; these are the basics that pull any look together. My essentials are a wallet, a jacket, a bag, a watch, and of course, a great pair of shoes. If I find the staples are starting to look worn down or are altogether missing, I’ll go ahead and replace them at fall to keep things fresh.

To kickstart this transition, SWISSGEAR asked if I would like to test-drive some of their tech inspired accessories and backpacks. Here’s what I discovered.


Wallets happen to be essential items for men, but all too often, I see guys carrying beat up wallets while wearing designer shoes; it doesn’t match up. I feel far more self-conscious when I pull out a tired looking wallet than I do wearing a dirty pair of shoes; perhaps because a wallet is in front of people at important times such as when I’m paying for a meal. A quick style upgrade adds just the right panache to any outfit and is a great way to reduce bulk in your pocket for a fraction of the cost.

I liken this wallet to how women feel about shoes; this is a small addition that can make a big difference to your overall presentation, and can really make you look pulled together. At one end of the spectrum, your wallet should be functional and be able to meet your card carrying needs, at the other, it should make you feel confident when presenting yourself. We are moving away from cash, and so wallets are generally looking slimmer, with a minimal profile.

SWISSGEAR incorporated two huge trends and designed a minimal wallet with a money clip, to give you the best of both worlds. The SWISSGEAR Brig Front Pocket with Money Clip features three card slots and two slip pockets. I found this to be the perfect formula for my everyday needs. The soft leather is also a subtle head turner and is perfect for everyday use. It’s functional yet flattering, and I love how simple yet stylish the design is; it’s like a small nod of approval.

SWISSGEAR ScanSmart TSA Backpack

If you think backpacks are just for students, think again. Utility bags are incredibly handy, and protect thousands of dollars’ worth of tech goodies from the elements. Whether I’m travelling across the country and want an easy carry on, or just heading into Los Angeles and want to take my virtual office on the go with me, you can bet I have a trusted backpack on hand.

What I love about the SWISSGEAR Scan Smart TSA Laptop Backpack is that it takes a traditional backpack to the next level. It’s designed to go through customs with as little intrusion as possible and protects the contents with an incredible attention to detail. I recently flew to Denver and loved that I could pack my MacBook, iPad, and camera inside this attractive backpack, all while protecting my tech gear.

The unobstructed, ScanSmart TSA lay flat design means that you can put your laptop in the optimal position for screening. If you travel a lot you know the anxiety that comes with TSA, so having your stuff packed correctly and ready to move through security is a huge relief. The bag itself is incredibly sturdy and well made, and a great choice that holds up to daily wear and tear.

I thought the compartments were well thought out and like that they are fitted with protective sliders, including a Floating TabletSafe™ tablet pocket, to lock everything down securely, and the back panel features a built in pocket with mesh fabric to encourage airflow. The padded shoulders are one of the best luxe features and are ergonomically contoured to make them super comfortable.

SWISSGEAR Red Triangle Backpack

Alternately, if you are looking for a lightweight backpack for a minimal man, the SWISSGEAR Red Triangle Backpack is a fantastic option. This small but sturdy backpack quickly won me over and is a fantastic addition to your weekend wear; it’s ideal for biking, trekking, and hitting the beach. It’s light yet you can fit everything you need in it if you plan on being away for any length of time.

Inside you’ll find three compartments that are well thought out, alongside a front compartment that I found perfect for holding my sunglasses, wallet, phone charger, and other small but essential items. If you lie somewhere warm like I do, you’ll also appreciate the mesh lining used throughout that keeps air flowing and your gadgets cool. I also dig the vibrant color and got many compliments on this bag.

Male Standard Verdict

If you’re looking for stylish yet innovative products that support a modern lifestyle, I highly recommend checking out SWISSGEAR. These top-of-the-line products are built with an incredible attention to detail and feature intuitive innovation that makes for clean, simple, yet effective designs that improve how you function with the world. I loved all the products I got to test, and would confidently gift them to friends or add them to my wish list. Two thumbs up!

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