Fab.com’s surprising and delightful finds that work across genders, ages, relations and whoever else you’re buying for this year, are the perfect gift giving go-to for self-indulgent or frivolous finds. From must have infinity scarfs in this seasons trendy color grey, to the space age moonboots in technicolor, step out in style with Fab. Whether purchasing for you or a loved one, we know you’ll find exactly what you didn’t know you were looking for from Fab; each item is unique and entrancing, making it the perfect gift acquisition. Find below Male Standard‘s Top 5 Fab Finds, along with their complete Men’s Fall Collection for ideas on how to get more bang from your buck this Turkey season. Don’t forget to also check out the new Hanukkah store that launched this week, along with the online Holiday Shop that launches on November 4 to snag your seasonal swag!


Ultra Infinity Necklush Gray


Crafted from hand-printed cotton strips, Necklush’s Ultra Infinity Scarf is futuristic, unisex, lightweight, and best of all? Completely seasonless. Worn over a sweater, black dress, or white tee, this necklace-scarf hybrid is a soft hug for your neck and a fierce statement piece. Drape it long for a lean look, or wrap and adjust for striking short-long layers—however you swing it, the Ultra Infinity is one lush accessory.


$65 by Necklush


Country Music Tee


The self-proclaimed ‘brandgineers’ at Print Liberation want to free you from the shackles of having to explain your slip-ups, trip-ups, hangovers, punctuality failures, conspiracy theories, and sometimes-raging baditude—because we’ve all been there, man. This super-soft tee is constructed from a vintage-feeling tri-blend, and is only available here as a Fab exclusive design.


$24 by Print Liberation


Folded Card Carry Black


Stitches are so 1765. Keep your accessories wrapped in awesome origami with the Folded Card Carrier. Hand-cut from a single piece of five-ounce, vegetable-tanned leather, the case is completely stitchless, held together via a series of folds and tucks. It holds between five and eight cards with room to spare for cash and receipts. It’s not a peacock, but it’s a start.


$39 by Apogee Handmade


Zub Zoo Edwin DeLaRosa Watch


The time for the future of wristwatches is now. This Zub Zirc 20 Watch by NOOKA features a sleek, black-on-black design that combines the familiarity of a watch face with the brand’s intuitive concept of time. A circle of 12 dots represents hours, while the horizontal row tracks minutes and a separate small window shows the seconds. With both an alarm and chronograph mode, you won’t need to resort to your cellphone to tell the time—that’s so last century.


$59 by Nooka


11:30 AM Watch


You’re relentlessly on time, rain, snow, or shine, so you deserve a similarly minded timepiece. The 11:30 AM Watch from May28th features a mesmerizing pixilated abstraction on the face and an always-versatile translucent strap. Precise quartz movement, a cheerful design, and an easy-to-read analog display—plus water resistance for those unavoidable splashes—this timepiece is an all-around win.


$25 by May28th


To view Fab’s Hanukkah store that launched this week, please visit http://fab.com/.


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