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Express Yourself With Iken Watches

Express your style with Iken Watches a collection that gives you the freedom to choose your combination of watch. Over 248,000 combinations all of which are as unique as you. Iken Watches are customizable to match your school colors, your favorite team, or your day-to-day outfits. Offering an array of vivid colors, like lilac, grey, hot pink or maroon, you can alternate colors from the faces to the bezels to the sizing straps. Inspired by New York’s freedom of expression, Iken Watches believe the uniqueness of each individual which shouldn’t hidden.

Photo credit: Iken

Once you’ve found your favorite combinations using the simulator on the right, click on BUY iKen to be directed to our e-shop, where you can buy the components you need to create your watches.

About Iken

We were founded in New York City, where the status quo is challenged all the time, and freedom of expression is a way of life. It’s in this same spirit that iKen was created. We firmly believe each individual is unique, should not have to hide, and what they wear shouldn’t either. We made our products with the mission to inspire creativity in everyday life. This means you’re empowered to say exactly what you want, the way you want to.

We are extremely excited about the possibilities ahead. Whether it’s designing products you love, or partnering with bullying prevention charities like PACER, we look forward to the opportunity to reach as many people as possible with our vision. We hope you’ll join us. iKen Watches is part of The iKen Group Inc., a privately owned company based in New Jersey. Distribution is available worldwide.

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