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Everything You Need to Know About Facial Sculpting for Men

The male appearance has become the center of growing trends in the world of aesthetics. There have been increasing amounts of young males searching for stronger jawlines, high-angled cheekbones, and bolder features in an attempt to achieve the masculine appearance portrayed through social media. On the flip side, older males are seeking out non-intrusive sculpting treatments in the push to have that younger-looking face. Throughout this article, we will detail what facial sculpting involves and provide examples of treatments available.

What is Facial Sculpting

Facial sculpting is a form of non-surgical procedure specifically designed to provide definition, with the majority of treatments involving injectables like fillers. With the growing negative perceptions that people have about their appearances, there are more and more people seeking treatments. Unfortunately, there’s not much people can do to shape their face outside of slimming down through healthy habits. However, if your visual insecurities come from bone structure issues, the only way to sort them is through facial sculpting. A popular way of achieving end goals is through dermal fillers, which are FDA-approved and completely safe.

Why Men Seek Facial Sculpting

Tailored to suit the individual, men can achieve the look they want without the need to go under the knife and risk gnarly complications. There are many reasons why men may want to receive facial sculpting. For example, people who undergo enormous weight loss or lose collagen with age may have hollow temples – fillers can help make these look fuller. Further, people who have suffered facial disfigurement after an accident can benefit from facial sculpting in an attempt to reconstruct features.

Advantages of Facial Sculpting

With the focus on dermal fillers, there are many reasons why you should seek out treatments. Firstly, it is an FDA-approved natural hyaluronic acid, which means there are next to no risks of reactions – only great results. The procedure only takes 15-20 minutes and is non-invasive, which makes it a safer option over surgical facial construction. If you decide that enough is enough, you can halt your treatments at any time and watch the fillers dissolve away – which takes on average six months. It may be obvious, but receiving facial sculpting can work wonders for an individual’s mental health.

Disadvantages of Facial Sculpting

On the reverse side of the coin, dermal fillers aren’t permanent, which means you’ll need regular treatments to keep up appearances. Also, the cost of treatments can be rather high as a result of the flawless outcomes. Unfortunately, there are some extremely rare side effects, which include rashes, lumps, and accidental injections into blood vessels. It must be stressed that these side effects are extremely rare.

Alternatives to Facial Sculpting

Facial sculpting may not be for everybody, meaning there are many alternatives that involve exercising the mouth in an attempt to reshape the jawline. One of the most common and growing ways to develop better jaw posture is mewing, which was created in the 70s and named after Dr. John Mew. The basic idea behind the concept is that you position your tongue in a certain way, which brings the jawline into a better shape. According to the big man Dr. Mew, repositioning the jawline can help people overcome breathing problems, sleep apnea, speech disorders, and swallowing issues.

Another exercise designed to shape the jawline is called the Sagging Chin Exercise. The process involves sitting down with your elbows on a table and your fists pushing up under your chin. Then, as you apply pressure with your fists, you open your mouth and create resistance. You should try and repeat the exercise around ten times a day, doing three sets each time if you’re ready. In the same way that resistance training defines your muscles, this exercise helps to make your under-chin area more toned.

In a world where people are faced with the “perfect” vision of what a person should look like, people get increasing anxiety about their body image. Seeking out facial sculpting treatment can work wonders on people’s self-confidence issues, giving them a new lease of life. Facial sculpting involves the use of non-intrusive fillers to help define the face. For the most part, there are zero lasting side effects.