Ethan Carter III – “the guy looking fly, kicking butts, getting hot babes, and winning.”

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Superstar Ethan Carter III (EC3) is changing the wrestling game, but what is it about this currently undefeated champ that’s drawing in a crowd? With his obnoxious persona, and so-called God-given right to win, Male Standard wanted to find out whether EC3 is another chump waiting to get what he deserves in the ring, or is a sly fox playing the crowds like a well polished politician. Co-founder Victor Macias spoke with EC3, as he was being attended to by his personal masseuse, to find out more.

Ethan Carter III’s next match will be featured LIVE at Impact Wrestling May 8 at 9/8c on Destination America – be sure to check it out! There’s a unique twist, however, as fans decide what happens between EC3 and his standing rival Anderson by voting for their match stipulations at www.impactwrestling.com

Was there an ‘ah-ha’ moment where you thought, “I want to be a professional wrestler”?

I think every professional wrestler has that ah-ha moment, it’s like a calling. That call came from my aunt, Dixie Carter, she actually called me one day and said, “Hey, ever think about being a wrestler? You’re so athletic and good looking, wouldn’t it be perfect for you?” and I was like, “You’re right.” Next thing you know, I’m the best thing ever.

I know that you’re born for wrestling, but what are some setbacks that you’ve experienced or things that you’ve done to push through them?

Everyone has strife of apprehensions, things that doesn’t always go according to plan. Not all victories are easy; I’ve had to work at a couple of them. Being undefeated, it’s hard. Especially when getting my head bashed in by Bully Ray with a trashcan and bleeding all over the place or suffering a torn bicep and having to work through that with a giant arm brace but through it all, I’ve remained undefeated.

Ethan Carter III – “the guy looking fly, kicking butts, getting hot babes, and winning.”

Is there anything you stress about?

Despite my impeccable record, I still have one ultimate record that is to be TNA Heavyweight Champion. That is why I’ve launched the #EC3forchamp campaign – being undefeated hasn’t been enough to win a title shot, so now I have to resort to playing politics but I understand that its part of the business.

What is easier, being a rookie or being a champion?  

It’s definitely easier to start. My career is a lot like Mike Tyson’s punch out; my first 20 – 50 opponents were all Glass Joe so it was easy, as opposed to now I have beaten King hippo, Tiger what’s his face, and now I’m almost to the level where I get to fight Tyson.

Ever thought about pursuing something like politics after wrestling – you’ve a knack for rallying a crowd?

My campaign running for champ is, “Don’t worry, I’m rich.” Which speaks volumes to the current climate of the political atmosphere. Do I foresee myself, after my long and successful professional wrestling career is over, segways into the also kind of phony, full of shit world of politics. Why not, I have no skeletons in my closet. Let’s give it a go.

What advice would you give a twenty-year-old you?

At twenty, I would tell me, don’t stress man. You’re related to the Carter’s. You’re in school, don’t even try, why bother. You’re taken care of for life. The world is your oyster. You deserve it. Chill out kid. Have fun. When you went over to Europe and stayed for 3 months, I’d say stay for 6. Hell, why not 9.

Being as successful as you are, do you have a pre-match ritual and is it different for bigger events, like Bound for Glory?

I try to be regimented; everything is almost a sociopathic standard of perfection. 5 minutes on the jumping of the rope, nice facial cleanser and herbal moisturizer on the skin. Ill go over to see my masseuse Helga, after that, go to the spa, feeling good, maybe do a couple push-ups, squats, sipping Perrier water. The whole time I have classical music playing to relax. My music hits, best music in the business, I walk out backward, and I win, it’s all good.

In the world of professional wrestling, I would say you’re amongst the most stylish guy there. How important is style and fashion to you?

Many people think what I do in the ring matters, but it’s all about presentation. It’s not easy being stylish; it’s a lot of work to color coordinate your wardrobe, look at the season we’re in. Tailoring is a big aspect of my life; I like to keep my clothes tailored at all times. I look good, right.

Ethan Carter III – ” the guy looking fly, kicking butts, getting hot babes, and winning.”

Exactly, how important is presentation to your fans?

If I’m a wrestling fan, I’m sitting at home, hand half tucked down my trousers, beer belly, Cheeto dust all on my wife beater, unkempt body hair springing out to and fro, dirty skin, moles, scruffiness on the face, depleting hair lines, ear wax, ear hair, the whole 9 yards. I want to get lost in what’s happening on television and I want to live vicariously through these characters. The character that I, the beer belly blue-collar slob, most want to be like is EC3, the guy looking fly, kicking butts, getting hot babes, and winning.

What is going on with your rival Mr. Anderson?

Mr. Anderson, the guy who’s claim to fame is saying his name, made a move by interrupting what I saw as one of the top 3-5 professional wrestling segments in history. What’s going on with him is that anytime someone more handsome and more stylish is making head weight in the industry, he represents the old boys club, how we used to do things. He feels the need to interject in the new way we are doing things. In the future, I will come to blows and I will obviously prevail. Let’s settle it like men and fight.

What can we expect from EC3 in the future?

Well you know, I’m sitting here; the crew and me are punching in numbers and looking at the polls and it’s about 83% in the EC3 favor, which is good but we’re not going to know until Election Day a.k.a my first title shot. In the future, I’m predicting I win world heavyweight championship. I hold it for 4-8 years, probably 8-10. The whole time I’ll have challenges and someone might give me a run for my money but about 10 years later I will still be the champion, probably retire, then go on to pursue my political career.

What are some commonalities you have noticed amongst the greats that you’ve worked with?

Some people have to work for it, TNA legends Sting, Kurt Angle, they all followed different routes to the top but it’s all through respect of the peers and respect of the people and a body of work that you can’t deny. I don’t really want to do all that work, I just want the rewards. I learned a lot by not working and just being fortunate but also deserving it because of who I am.

What is your Male Standard? Is there something you say to yourself that helps you keep pushing to be the best version of yourself?

Absolutely, it’s a slogan I like to say, WWJHD? How would Jon Hamm rise above an issue? I’m close friends with Jon Hamm, so I usually just text him and he’s like, Bro, this is what I’d do…” Then we talk about nice suits, fast cars, and hot babes.

Don’t forget you can catch Ethan Carter III’s next match LIVE at Impact Wrestling May 8 at 9/8c on Destination America. EC3 will be in a fan stipulated match against rival Anderson, so go vote now on what you want to happen! Vote now: www.impactwrestling.com