Essentials For a Bachelor Pad That Doesn’t Embarrass You

On a great first date date, and you both can feel the good vibes. She subtly suggests heading back to your place. And then the panic sets in. Your place is shameful — a random collection of stuff that screams, “I’m a single guy who doesn’t care about where he lives!” The subject changes quickly. If only you had the money to create a bachelor pad that would be conducive to your cause, instead of fighting against it. Well, today is the day your dream comes true. There is a way to create a date-worthy, impressive bachelor pad on a budget.

The Sitting Situation

It’s time to say goodbye to your couch from college days and get one of your own. Furniture is one item worth the splurge. If you have the extra cash, invest in a well-made sofa. Also, many furniture stores offer clearance sections. You can find sofas that were either previous floor models or have slight damage. They are still new, and can save you as much as 50 percent off the regular price. No matter how cheap of a sofa you find, make sure it’s comfortable. Every sofa will fit you differently; so make sure to test them all out. Pay attention to where it hits the back of your legs, how high the arm rests are, and how far up your back it goes. Get a female friend’s opinion? Is this a couch she’d like to cuddle up on?

A Man’s Gadgets

No self-respecting bachelor pad could be called a bachelor pad without an abundance of gadgets. Uncrate has a lot of unique ones to give your home the wow factor, like their Bose SoundLink Mini. At the very least, you are going to need a big-screen TV to enjoy your video and football games on. If you don’t have the money for the plasma TV you desire, drop cable to free up some extra cash in your budget. You can use the Internet connection to stream movies over your TV with services like Netflix.

Setting the Vibe

Decor can make the biggest difference. Shop at discount stores to find everything from area rugs to artwork to make your home uniquely yours. Since choosing accessory items can be challenging for a novice, just pay attention to the color scheme. Pick three colors that you would like to make the focus of the room, and only choose items that have at least one of these colors. A color scheme creates a cohesive space, even if you’re no expert in interior decorating. If you really hate shopping, you can also check out the clearance section on your local department store’s website to find everything you will need at an affordable price.

Jeremy Hoperidge

Jeremy works for a sports marketing firm and writes about marketing trends in the sports world whenever he can. If he were a foot taller, he swears he could play for the Lakers.